The One World Family Commune


Amazingly, it has been 45 years now since the One World Family Commune was launched as a pilot model demonstration of how to live in a new world communal consciousness of sharing on all levels: socially, economically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Those of us who came together in San Francisco as the One World Family Commune in 1967, recognized Allen Michael to be a master spiritual adept of a caliber beyond any we, in our lifetimes, had encountered.

We were inspired by the vision of a world of giving and receiving, sharing and forgiving, and the realization that flying saucers and space beings are as real as we are and are here to assist us in this planetary awakening. We knew we’d found the real thing and were confident the rest of the world would soon recognize what to us was the obvious truth being channeled thru Allen Michael.

These days we are spread out — but continue to practice and share the vision of a growing One World Family Commune through publications, TV, film and radio media… and our latest world-wide outreach efforts here on the web with this awesome new media delivery and interactive communication system, which includes our newly updated Media Center and Online PDF Library.

People all over the planet can now readily access and download our ever-expanding digital library of ETI channelings in all forms — in particular the books of the Everlasting Gospel, which Allen Michael has so lovingly channeled to bless the world — as well as music, audio channelings, photo-slide galleries and videos.

And, the best part is, it’s all free of charge and free for the sharing! Our united destiny is coming into being now: and it is to live and prosper in a world of absolute freedom, security and abundance for all people.

So, read on good people. The truth is HERE for you to discover for yourself, as we enter the period of great transformation spoken of since the dawn of recorded civilization… and that time is now!

Are you ready to play? We love you all and want to hear from you, so you can link in to this virtual commune, a communication school of experience in the University of the Universe! •

Read Del Rainer’s brief history of her life in the commune: “From Suburban Housewife to Communal Hippie”

Galactic Messengers

A 2006 video documentary on the One World Family Commune

Galactic Messengers from Galactic Messenger on Vimeo.

• For more info, check out our complete line of video programs, all available on our new built-in Media Center.

• To read, download and share high-quality PDFs like “One World Family Commune” — a channeled communication about the spiritual basis of the commune and church Allen Michael has founded, as well as other exciting accounts such as as Del Rainer’s first person account of our colorful history, and Joseph Antaree’s story of his life in the commune, check out our new Online PDF Library.

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