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CommentMay 5th, 2011 20:55

Greetings friends and family!

Many of you know that I launched my web-based ministry back in 2007, based on the principles as taught to me growing up in the One World Family, and now I am happy to announce my new weblog:

Gabriel’s Horn

It is a wonderful addition to the website (masterfully designed by Deej), and includes many updates and posts on current events and services.

Please log in and join the discourse, and together we can walk hand in hand into the new world…

Yours in service,


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Comment on : May 10th, 2011 7:31 pm

The great thing is how you’ve jumped in and made that blog rock! Happy to be of service bro. — Deej

  • Anna

Greetings Gabriel,

So much! 🙂 I want to say thank you for your efforts to be here now as it’s coming together. Today I was inspired to do a search on One World Family/Cosmic Cookery (one of my favourites!) and found a few related sites and then this at your commune link: “We have come to learn from and move beyond our arrogance and our separateness. We have come here to go home. Together. The political boundaries, the walls we have made, they will crumble. Our common blood will remain. We will come together as One World Family, even as you and I now come together to challenge the wall we have built between us. We will share our love for all our family just as you and I now reach out to touch the place of oneness within our common heart.” I’m dreaming of the One World Family spreading to the East Coast and north into Canada, south into Mexico and Central … Anna

  • Anna

Good morning Gabriel,
Well maybe only a couple of connected sites and a bit of confusion with this site. The Galactic Messenger site combined with yours is quite an expansion of the blurbs from your mum’s cookbook! 🙂 It will take some time for me to read through all these inspiring and practical texts. The Danaan Parry quote now has a few synchronicities for me. Here’s an unexpected result of the search to find one of the Danaan ‘threads’ (from When I was young I began searching for what I called “Original Truth” or The Golden Thread running through All, including macro/micro and metaphysics. There seems to have been a gradual acceleration of this process, the ongoing finding of what I see as facets of the Organic One, if I can put it that way. What is exciting is the feeling of how ripe this process is becoming for broader manifestation of the Many are One. I look forward to further communications, and share with you two of my oldest favourite quotes (from Kahlil Gibran). “Work is Love made visible.” “Make your Work your Prayer.”

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