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CommentNovember 19th, 2017 20:00

Allen Michael’s channelings of the Everlasting Gospel bring all things to our remembrance: who we are as eternal souls on a special healing planet in a ruined solar system, that is being redeemed by ETI God Force here and now.

This post contains a changing series of messages pertinent to the world karmic cleansing, and the new world being born

Truth Spoken Runs the Universe

Words of truth spoken are the positive power that runs our Universe. The Universe is Macrocosm and we are Its created microcosms. In spirit we are one. It is through us as microcosms that Creation manifests all that is in space. We even carry the spirit energies that form the auras of our Galaxy, solar systems and planets.

At this time, when we are building our new world, we will only speak words in the affirmative of a Utopian Paradise World, in which the divine plan in this Everlasting Gospel, sent by Spirit God through the Comforter, is expressed by us. In this way, we put thoughts into mental causation which are alive and radiate through the magnetic field, so that we have more and more playback of God’s spirit, instead of thoughts of the mundane business-as-usual world. We bring the old dying world order to a happy end now by inspiring the cooperation of all people to bring a sharing utopian world into being. This great world wide movement of positive action has no defense other than its perfect works.

What hasn’t worked before will work now as the Galactic Elohim, called God’s angels in the Bible, beam high PSI gamma Synthesis energies into the planet. It was a more limited broadcast of these same gamma energies which brought what was called the hip movement of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, when many flying saucers and UFOs were seen. A great passive resistance movement manifested, and many communal projects came into being. This was all recorded into the collective consciousness, and none of it is gone. All the high ideas come into manifestation now, as the people are travailing in birth pangs for our new world to be born. Another big lift in gamma energies is coming in now, which carries us on over the top, and this time we will make better use of the energies.

Revelation 12:1-5 tells of a great wonder that appears in the heavens and makes contact with all the people. It is depicted as a woman giving birth to a child. She is clothed with the sun, has the moon under her feet, and wears a crown of twelve stars. The moon regulates the life cycles on earth and orbits between the astral and etheric heavens. The great wonder is the New Jerusalem Mothership of the Galactic Command, which brings “Michael’s stand” and also supports the things that are “done for Jesus’s name’s sake.” This expression in the Bible means that we are to do the things that Jesus is popular for, such as communalism, forgiveness and turning the other cheek.

We are also to do the thing which Jesus is unpopular for, which got him crucified; namely, putting the money changers out of the world temple. Except we will do it through forgiveness and without any force or violence.

We of the the elect are starting forgiveness now, and we will influence the police and soldiers and all people to join together and start forgiveness also, which is long past overdue. “The elect” refers to the two million souls from Galactica who are here on the planet with Michael, mentioned in St. Matthew 24:22 and referred to in Revelation 14:1-6 as the 144,000. We are not of any kind of spiritual hierarchy, nor greater than humanity in any way; we are simply of the same oneness in God that is in all souls and all life throughout the Universe.

Excerpt from The New World Bible, Book 7: Redemption, Chapter 7, page 144


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