OWFC Reunion & Allen Michael Tribute

CommentAugust 10th, 2010 02:00

OWFC Reunion & Allen Michael Tribute

Saturday, June 26, 2010 at 2:00pm

Casa Guacamole, Rohnert Park, CA

Live Online Video Feed & Chat

Program and related media below…

Our wonderful event was a huge success!

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended and participated on location and online. We invite you to further share about this timely reunion, celebration and tribute on the Community Discussion board.



PRAYER CIRCLE Invocation/activation by Joseph
ALLEN MICHAEL TRIBUTE Channelings, readings, slides and music
LIVE MUSIC ‘Quazar Anew’ jam session & singalong
TESTIMONIALS All day – shared connections
POTLUCK Barbeque & Burrito Bar
CLEARING CIRCLE Forgiveness healing share in living room (talking stick)
SLIDESHOWS Allen Michael, communal kids, assorted OWFC archives
DJ DANCE With DJ GaVi and Guac
LIVE VIDEO FEED AND CHAT Live online participation

Event Media

Live Event Slideshow

Slide Archives, Music & Audio Programs:

Communal Kids | Assorted New Additions | Allen Michael – Galactic Messenger
Media Center Assorted Slideshows | Popout Audio Player

More Event Media & Archives Coming Soon!  

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Community Discussion

  • Gloria Mahar

Just spent some time with the slideshows – what memories – even saw myself in one totally unexpected. So many people I couldn’t recognize because they all look like a bunch of hippies — enjoyed it a lot.



Hi Glo,

I was a bit out of it when I was trying to send a message. It was a wonderful occasion, reigniting the communal energies. We all want to do it every year now. A One World Family tradition. Maybe You and Dennis will be there next year, and a whole bunch more. We had a good crowd tho’. It was a happy bunch, and not because of alcohol this time.
Love is Service Done,

  • Gloria Mahar

I hate to say this cause I know I’m younger than you, Del, but it’s too far for us old folks to travel. My butt gets to tired (not that I have much left) and since I don’t fly, harder to do. But next year if there is a gathering, I’ll try to be home earlier and share it. I loved all the slides that Deej posted-the way we were……miss you all more than you can know. Being in that energy last night only briefly made me very homesick for my days at OWF. Love Glo

  • Gloria Mahar

PS — I remember not many years after we returned to Seattle, we had a visit back to Stockton where we had “Gloria’s Testimonial Dinner” or something like that. I have photos of a couple such gatherings. It was like we had just left yesterday not several years earlier. I felt that last night, I could have walked in the door and been at home.

Glad everyone enjoyed the slideshows, Gloria! Joseph says they were broadcast on several screens on location. Moving forward, we’re gathering photos of the event, and I’m processing still more archives. Any contributions you may have would be much appreciated.

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