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CommentSeptember 1st, 2010 20:05

We have posted two channelings here, one by Del Rainer and one by Joseph Antaree. You are invited to share your own words as well on the Community Discussion board.

Allen Michael – An Enlightened Being

by Del Rainer

On March 25, 2010, after an extraordinary lifetime of 93 years, the Galactic Messenger, Allen Michael, left the planet. As a messenger of Creation, his life was dedicated to serving humanity thru his channeled writings.

From the time when he was first given his mission from Galactica, he never lacked courage in bringing his revolutionary message to the people. His life was devoted to bringing the truth to the people thru interviews, speaking at gatherings, making videos and writing his yellow pages for the five books published by the One World Family Commune. You can read of his amazing experience when contacted by Galactica here: Allen Michael, the New World Comforter.

He came into my life in 1968 in San Francisco when my husband and I attended the One World Family Commune’s Evening of Enlightenment. I experienced a flash of recognition when I heard Allen Michael channel about the Universe, who we (all of humanity) are and Galactica’s role in this planet’s transformation. Finally, everything made sense, and we were captivated by his words of wisdom, painting a new world of freedom, joy and abundance. After hearing him speak and recognizing the truth, we came together with the wonderful One World Family Commune to demonstrate what we all recognized to be Creation’s Natural way of life.

I felt that I had awakened to my true identity and my role in this cosmic fantasy on planet “earth.” Thru Allen Michael’s channelings, I could see the relativity of all things and the cause of the negated (satanic) energy in this planet’s collective consciousness. It all sounded like science fiction to many, but those of us who recognized the truth when we heard it, came together to live according to that truth – to share all things in common, to serve one another without thought of reward and to communicate these wonderful revelations.

Allen Michael has been shown that he is fulfilling the role of the entity who would come as “the Comforter,” told of in St. John 14:16 and 16:7-14, “Howbeit, when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he shall not speak of himself, but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak; and he will show you things to come.” The entity is referred to as “the comforter” because we are comforted in knowing that all of this pain and grief in the world now is relative to the great planetary cleansing that’s taking place, and that all things are always working together for the perfect according to Creation’s plan. There is no more fear when there is recognition that there is no death, that we are eternal Beings incarnated on this planet for this healing process, as we come back into the recognition of our Oneness.

Allen Michael has been given the “key” to the Scriptures and, thru his automatic writings, clearly reveals the truth of the prophecy relative to the events of the past and of this present “time of the end” of the old dying world order. He brings forth from the Godmind the prophesied everlasting gospel, which gives the World Master Plan for the new world of absolute freedom, security and abundance for all people as a great One World Family. This astounding information is revealed in the latest publication, The New World Bible.

We recognized the true meaning of Bible prophesy as Allen Michael channeled it from Galactica for these “end days,” and we see the truth of it now unfolding before our eyes as the wheat separates from the chaff to come to the synthesis, of a world of sharing and the end of buying and selling.

The negative effects, war, crime, disease, poverty and death are the reaping of what has been sown in the morphogenetic field, the collective consciousness. We are of a loving Universe, and the negative feedback is only as painful as is necessary for Creation to get our attention. All negative effects are a result of straying from Creation’s Natural Order and are the Universe’s automatic feedback to guide humanity back to the divine awareness that all is One and that our Universal nature is to share and serve one another.

The main message is the truth about the usury money system, which has delayed the consciousness from rising into the higher knowing of One, and is a product of the negated (satanic) energy in the aura of the planet. The negated energy in this planet’s aura is the result of an explosion in this Solar System, which destroyed higher levels of consciousness that are of the One Mind, leaving the consciousness in duality, with the entities devoid of the knowing of One. Effects are built upon effects which are the effects of the ungodly, backwards usury money system that breeds capitalists and materiality. The truth of this catastrophe could not be revealed thru Allen Michael until this time when the planetary consciousness had risen to the point of being able to transcend the guilt of causing such devastation.

The One World Family Commune was a demonstration that could only happen in its time, and it was too perfect to last in those negated energies. If we had grown any larger, we would have attracted too much negativity. However, the past 40 years have seen a rapid rise in consciousness, and we’re fast approaching the time now, for people to recognize a greater truth about Creation and all life in the Universe. The truth of the EG rings loud and clear, with the looming end of the money controllers’ usury money system, the conflagration in the Middle East and the upheaval all over the world in wars, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, erupting volcanoes, floods and drought. These effects are all a result of the negated energy in the morphogenetic field of the planet, and are now being cleansed to come into the Synthesis of the New World of Sharing – a great One World Family.

Over the years, Allen Michael’s remarkable life has affected many others in profound ways and has left a message of the truth of planetary transformation for all of humanity. •

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Community Discussion

  • Chip Oliver
Comment on : May 5th, 2010 7:37 pm

I wish we had known each other better. The problem was my 25 year old ego was light years removed from the wisdom of the 53 years mature sage. He was gracious in tolerating the narcissist he found in me. He was a dragon born in 1916 several months after my Dad who departed the flesh in august 08. I miss them both.

Comment on : May 6th, 2010 10:34 am

I knew Allen for many years, and during the early seventies we shared deeply his role of being Hermes and the builder of the pyramid temple cities like the one at Giza. We discussed his role as Merk, and later in life Immanuel who speaks to the Jewish tribes on the planet. We spent lots of time discussing this and the role Hitler played on the world stage. He explained to me the role of Antipas (Adolph) before and during world war two. And he explained to me in detail during our time together in Stockton a great deal about the solar catastrophe. And so I served him during that time and he served me with giving me knowledge and his notes to type. If one wants to know of Allen Michael, know of yourself – and to your own self be true. — Yours sincerely, Michael Bobier

My parents helped form the OWFC with Allen Michael in 1967, and I was borne into his visionary, flowering demonstration in 1969. I recalled (during a rebirthing breathwork session) the moment when I came into this body and was welcomed aboard by archangel Michael’s loving arms and resounding voice. My life has been a delicate dance of waking to and taking up my part in the stand for Truth that he has demonstrated to us all thru his 60+ year mission in this body; thru his countless channeled pages, videos, radio programs, speaking engagements, group meditations, white light journeys and more. My father, Bill, was deeply attuned with Allen Michael thru musical telepathic communion, editing the books of the EG, and as president of the Church. They both shared so much, including fathering an extended family of communal children who each carry the torch forth into the world in a myriad of ways. My Mother, Kathy, wrote the celebrated communal cookbook – Cosmic Cookery – managed the communal restaurant on Telegraph, and continues to provide practical wisdom and love as mother to us commune kids. During the first gulf war, I started poring thru the EG in earnest and found in it the only voice of true authority. I was ordained and continued to share and channel the Spirit of Truth thru my stage design, with friends who were receptive, and on one or two episodes of the New Order for the Ages TV show with Allen Michael. After meeting the place in myself that was frightened by the intensity of his character, I began to receive deep karmic guidance thru his channel. I was ‘re-initiated’ on Mount Shasta, when visited by my angelic ‘over-self’, and have been stepping out as a next-generation minister, editing and digitizing the volumes of the EG to share online, and offering it up thru a website and networking. I hosted Allen Michael at Harbin a few times and my visits to him before his passing offered tremendous insight in ways that continue to reverberate. The last time I visited him in the body, he was asleep, with his beret on and feet poking out. After earlier visits, where he seemed so ill-at-ease in his 93 year old body, this time his breath was endlessly deep, yogic and full – the kind I long for as a 40 year old! And I felt that familiar sensation: his spirit witnessing me witnessing him. He already knew why I was there, the prayers I had to share and the eternity of our connection. May his channel continue to guide us in radiating Spirit-God’s Synthesis conciousness thru the center of our being! — Gabriel

  • Sheilah Renaud
Comment on : May 16th, 2010 2:28 pm

Allen Michael…When I was 20 yrs. I met him up in the Larkspur house…as he was speaking to me I felt as if the whole room had disappeared leaving only a tunnel between his eyes and mine. Gone was the youthful sorrow and confusion replaced by a grounded, solid knowledge of Self and self…God, Galactica and Earth…a clear scientific understanding of money and its creation and distribution…an anchor to the Mothership, It’s SYNTHESIS PLAN for our solar system…But most of all a REAL vision for an autonomous self-governing social system of pure Giving and Receiving. Our human exchange is sacred and the TRUTH that we are ONE human family only happens in daily reality by going way beyond usury and profiteering. As subtle and ubiquitous as our current monetary system is,we need to challenge humanity to examine the money system and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the SOUL will only find joy in SHARING and All FOR ONE/ONE FOR All consciousness! The archangel Michael healed me from weaknes and insecurity to great confidence and power…….. Allen Michael…THANKYOU! THANKYOU! THANKYOU!

Comment on : May 21st, 2010 4:16 pm

I originally encountered the One World Family Center on Berkeley’s Telegraph Ave in early 1972 — after some fine years of personal exploration with spiritual groups, Moody Blues albums, Timothy Leary and magic trips to Marin’s Mount Tam. The thing that really got my attention was the cool sign out front for communal bands Synthesis and Sons Of Light — featuring Thursday Night Channelings with Allen Michael, the Cosmic Messenger. How could I not check this out? Little did I know that it was the beginning of a whole new journey! Having been a street kid, in and out of the system most of my life, the OWFC became an extended family, and Allen a bit of a father figure. Those early years in Berkeley became cherished memories that changed my life for the better. So now, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and give back through co-creating and maintaining this Galactic Messenger Network with Starmast Multimedia. In fact, during the early stages of the GMN web project, Allen Michael accompanied Joseph on one of his many visits to our house in the Bay Area. Allen excitedly confirmed for us that everything we were doing was “absolutely right on” and that we should not let anyone convince us otherwise. Rest assured, my Captain, we sail true to course and remain at your service.  — Dale deej Lafayette

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