Allen Michael, the New World Comforter

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Allen Michael was an incarnate spiritual master from Galactica, a God-conscious soul dedicated to serving humanity. He left this world in 2010, his body age 93.

His purpose was to fulfill the role of the New World Comforter (St. John 14, 15 & 16), and be the channel of the prophesied Everlasting Gospel (Rev. 14:1-6).

The New World Comforter, a fully realized channel of the Spirit of Truth, brings all things to our remembrance thru the channelings of the Everlasting Gospel. As a cosmic adept whose ESP-telepathic organs of perception are opened to the degree of being able to balance the negative energies of this planet’s aura in relativity, and channel the high gamma energies of synthesis affirmatives – he took no thought of himself in his single-minded pursuit of fulfilling Spirit God’s purpose.

Allen Michael was a direct channel of the Universal Mind since he experienced a cosmic initiation in 1947. The experience that transformed Allen Noonan, as he was then known, took place in Long Beach, California, where he was a pictorial sign painter.

While painting an outdoor signboard, Allen was suddenly enveloped in a bright purple and gold light, and found himself (the entity in the body, not the body itself) being transported up into what he later realized was a Galactic Mothership. Upon materializing onboard the spaceship, he appeared before a great Light. And a Voice spoke to him out of the Light, telling him that he was chosen to be the messenger who would fulfill the role of being the New World Comforter and channel of the Everlasting Gospel.

He was given the name Allen Michael, reflecting the truth that he is incarnate in a body to make Michael’s Stand with the holy people of the world.

He accepted the mission, and from that point onward was in direct telepathic contact with the Universal Mind of ETI – Extra Territorial Intelligence – channeling the energies of the Spirit of Truth through the spoken and written word, as well as in deeds done that will bring this world up to and through our planetary cosmic initiation into the long awaited Kingdom of God.

The One World Family Commune

In 1967, Allen Michael moved to San Francisco where, with a small group of people who recognized the truth coming thru him, he founded the One World Family Commune. There, on Haight street, we opened the “Here and Now” natural food restaurant – the first of 8 communally owned and operated natural food restaurants. In all of these projects, all of us served freely, with no one drawing wages or taking profits from the income.

In 1973, Allen Michael founded the Universal Industrial Church of the New World Comforter, based on the teachings of “Holding all things common and making distribution according to need” as brought forth in the book of Acts, chapter 4, verses 32-35, that was taught by Jesus – another space messenger.

That same year, Starmast Publications, a facet of the church, published the first book of the Everlasting Gospel series, “From the Universe to the Youth of the World,” while operating the large One World Family Natural Food Center on Telegraph avenue in Berkeley. “UFO-ETI World Master Plan,” “ETI Space Beings Intercept Earthlings” and “God – Ultimate, Unlimited Mind – Speaks” are further books of the Everlasting Gospel that have subsequently been published.

Now there is “The New World Bible,” which you can read on this web site.

These books of the Everlasting Gospel series contain the never-before-revealed answer to what mind is, and how it works; the true meaning of Biblical prophecy; a full explanation of the cause and healing of satanic force; a detailed 6 million year history of this solar system; and a World Master Plan for bringing about a free giving and receiving, sharing economy – heaven on earth.

As a further means of communicating these truths from ETI, Allen Michael founded the “Utopian Synthesis Party,” “the party to end all political parties and have a real party!” He ran as a Presidential candidate in the ’80 and ’84 US elections, and also campaigned for Governor of California in ’82, reaching millions of people.

Through the years, Allen Michael has been a speaker at numerous public events and rallys and has been on hundreds of radio and television shows all across the country. He is presently featured on the “Galactic Messenger” television show. His message of creating absolute freedom, security and abundance for everyone on the planet has been an inspiration to untold millions of people.

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