Autonomous New World Government

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Autonomous Self-Government

As the Galactic Elohim make contact with humanity, we will get organized to bring a New World Government of sharing, health, prosperity and happiness for everyone! This government will be the Universal Mind’s autonomous spirit in each one of us. No one will hold any authority over another. It will be real self-government, with all social structures operating as a world wide communal service organization. We will all be guided through wisdom and true personality, in a highly creative fashion.

The transformed World Internet will be the cultural tool used to bring this into being, and it will be free of all commercial content because we’ll transcend buying and selling our daily bread for secular profit altogether. The Internet will be the tool for orchestrating the production and flow of needed goods and services, and it will carry all media and all personal communications.

We create all this thru the World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise in service to humanity. We stop all those things we don’t need or desire, including all that is polluting our bodies and our planet. We will stop all the commercial nonsense that is polluting our mind as well. Since we will stop using money, we won’t have any bills to pay and no bill collectors are needed, no more banks, no stock markets, no insurance, no taxes, no bookkeeping, no dues, no more paperwork or red tape. The worker’s labor unions, city and world planning commissions, employment agencies, schools and churches are already set up to book the talent where it is needed.

Education in the University of the Universe

We’ll all start to learn through doing and do away with all that is foolish and artificial in education. All learning will be organized around the doing of actual needed things, gaining real knowledge and ability automatically in the process. Industry and service will be organized as “schools of creative experiences in the University of the Universe,” in which we are all students being taught by the Universal Mind resonating telepathically in us. It is through participating in this great Academy of Life that the souls incarnating here are healed of the negative effects still in their soul body. This leads directly to their transcendence from this project.

Mortal education to develop the intellect has served its purpose in developing the cultural aspects of growing society up to now. Science, mathematics, commerce, industry, medicine, government, law, banking, all were needed to cope with the negative effects during this long 20,000 year preliminary period, and they would develop over time through educating souls into their principles. None of this is wrong, and thankfully it all ends now, because the present education system itself is flawed at its core. The flaw is that people are conditioned to believe that their brain/nervous system is creating thought. In truth, the Mind is in space, and our brains and bodies are telepathic transceivers of what is all one mind.

The individualized mind that believes it is doing the thinking is the ego, the pseudo-soul, doing its lonesome thing, which leads to other, more satanically ignorant beliefs like putting supreme value on money at the expense of life, then using weapons, laws and prisons to defend your power at all costs. The ego is driven by fear: fear for your life, fear for your job, your wife, your children, your possessions, your sex life, your bank account, your sanity.

It is when intellect is misguided by ego that the insane thinking mind ensues, which can figure out a way to justify or rationalize anything. In relativity, all this is of the negative ego, divorced from truth. There is also positive ego, which has surrendered control to the soul’s intuitive guidance.

In fully awakened God-presence the ego disappears, and all that is of its false consciousness goes with it. When we are opened up in our soul to be guided by spiritual intuition, then the mental forces of reason, logic and analysis do their simple duty in organizing knowledge that is of the material world. Put in another way, our mental forces help us to mentally balance the relative, two-fold nature of the physical-sensory world.

Marx called this dealing with the dialectics of materialism. It has to do with left brain thought, energies and consciousness, such as numbers, weights and measures, management of materials, scheduling events and similar things which can be systematized, all this, balancing with the thought-energies of intuitive creativity which are of the right brain.

Intuition is of right brain and is operated by the soul’s connection with living spirit, from whence creativity flows. Higher still, our central channel into the Universe is direct, all-knowing illumined truth itself, which is in synthesis oneness, inclusive of all relativity.

This Universe is already intelligent, and we can tap into Its sparkling clear knowledge through spiritual intuition. It is through intuition, not intellect, that Spirit God has led us to all the discoveries of the past 500 years, which are mushrooming now into the fullness of a new world.

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