The End of the Money System

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This channeling from the Everlasting Gospel is found in Book 5, chapter 6, entitled:

The End of the Money System

For the first time in history, the workers can do all the great things and not worry about wages and paying their bills, as we quickly unite to declare everything to be free and all bills paid – all debt is canceled and we use money as a free medium of exchange to the end of getting rid of money altogether. Then we will live in a real land of the free. Freedom means to be really FREE – free from money control! This leads to being truly free in your soul, liberated from mortal mind and its attendant materialism, into the consciousness of living spirit. It doesn’t mean free to buy your way around if you’ve got the money.

Let’s face it, money is what has always been used to control labor, including those who labor as the military, police and government. It is money and half-truths that have controlled the media and the people’s votes – up to now. Now, the soldiers and police can be united into being Universal Soldiers and Police, who only act to maintain the peace, and refuse to obey man’s laws, which are only made to control old property and money values. We render only the judgement we ask of Creation Universe – “Give us this day our daily bread (necessities) and forgive us our debts.”

We shall end money and property values and put the values on human needs, and there will be no politicians, elite wealthy class, or military commanders to interfere! They too are forgiven and transformed as they choose to be of Spirit God’s Kingdom. No one is left out, for Spirit God’s presence in us will fill our souls with love and wisdom to transcend all sins of the past. We will forgive one another as well, just as Spirit God forgives our iniquities and remembers them no more.

Most of the workers and their organizations have either been apathetic or under the same illusion as the so-called privileged class, thinking that they might eventually be able to join the elite class themselves. So they continue to work for the old status quo. But now all this changes as we unite the police and soldiers to be part of the world labor movement, and along with the churches and students, participate in World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise. There will no longer be any military power or money power that men can command to control the people. There will only be the power of the people’s mutual agreements with the Creation Being as to how we shall all have real happiness, freedom, security and abundance in our new world. All in one day, our planet becomes a people’s world!

Not only do the people in the U.S. and other non-socialist nations neutralize all the power that the dictatorship of big business and big money has over them without a violent revolution, but the people of the Socialist-Communist countries also end their dictatorship of the proletariat, and the state “withers away.” Then the Communists will have true communism, free of all money and state control – the same as true democracy. The citizens of the U.S. will no longer have just a voting democracy, they will have full economic and social democracy – the same as true communism. The world will no longer be divided against itself, but is transformed all at once into a world communal democracy where the people practice autonomous self-government, with everyone having free access to the whole world and free use of all of its facilities. No money will be used at all.

We will no longer operate courts and prisons, or use any kind of money system, police or military to control the amount of giving and receiving. No one will be forced to “work for a living,” as they are now. If at first a person doesn’t care to cooperate with God’s Omni Spirit in the planning facets of the people, that will be their loss. They will soon join in when they see how wonderful it all is. No one will want to be left out in the cold.

Our computer technology will be programmed to compute an ideal schedule to keep the food, clothing, shelter, care, recreation, transportation, communication and energy flowing to everyone. Of course, we do not take orders from some hierarchy. We take advantage of the creative services provided by the New World Planning Commission and computer technology only as it applies to our own true needs and abilities.

Aura photography will be developed in computer electronics so that people can see the Lightships of the Heavenly Abode and the aura of their soul body. Galactica has this already and will deliver all the needed ETI computers here for our autonomous, computerized New World Government. These computers are holographic and include guidance spoken directly by Spirit God’s Voice; they are crystal balls and come in a variety of sizes, from one inch to 30 feet in diameter, and will handle all data communications for individuals and groups.

Instead of being threatened with prison, poverty or death, people in need will be counseled, served and healed. Those who, for any reason, cannot get with the 30/30 Plan’s rotational schedule, can work out a way with the people’s planning centers to schedule themselves into something they can do suitable to their abilities, so they can advance at a natural pace in their facets of creativity and service. Stress will be reduced to the point where all crime – which is only a natural revolution against unnatural social conditions – will be healed. All jails and prisons will be abolished. There will be creative rehabilitation centers where people will be healed of the negative effects of the ungodly usury money system of haves and have nots, while learning to use their natural abilities to create and provide their own food, clothing, shelter, care, transportation, communications, recreation, and utilities in a sharing, communal environment.

A word here about children. Love is what they need above all else. Give them God’s love as service done and they will blossom like the wonderful, gentle soul-flowers they are. We are all souls in bodies, and this will become most obvious with the children being born now. They are incarnating as conscious souls, who are in all-knowing consciousness, aware of their karma and real purpose in life. Every child will be born with all the automatic rights of life given by Spirit God in Its New Covenant/World Bill of Rights.

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  • Richard

Hurray! For the end of the money system!

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