Galactic Messenger Newsletter, Nov. 07

CommentNovember 16th, 2007 21:13

Numerous communications have come to us since we sent out our inaugural newsletter last month. Thank you one and all. And greetings to all new subscribers. Here’s a synopsis, with links to relevant material:

Spiritual Communalism – What then is spiritual communalism? It is “holding all things common and making free distribution according to need,” as Jesus taught his disciples, which we can read in Acts 4:32-35. It means people living on the planet as a great loving family. Very simple! . . . more

The University of the Universe – Imagine living in a perfect social environment, everyone and everything in balance and harmony, all your needs provided and unlimited creative possibilities at your fingertips . . . more

Communal Restaurant History – In 1967 came the beginning of the new commune, Allen Michael having left Southern California for good. He opened a hole in the wall food service, and then later on a barber lent or gave Allen a bunch of money to open the Here and Now . . . more

Cosmic Cookery – Allen Michael opened the Here and Now restaurant on Scott and Haight St. in San Francisco in 1967. The restaurant was the foundation of our service to the public, and everyone who came to join the commune contributed their labor, about 5 hours a day. It was the first vegetarian restaurant in the city, and one of the first to join was Kathy Hannaford, who later spearheaded the publication of “Cosmic Cookery” . . . more

Communal News – Allen Michael’s 91st birthday is next Wednesday, Nov. 21st. If you like, send him a message via the Contact form!

Del has moved back to Santa Rosa, living at the communal house with Allen Michael, Michael, Jeff and Barry. Gabe Hannaford has relocated to Mt. Shasta, where he’s currently house sitting in Dunsmuir.

We understand Rexx Farrell is going to be the head chef at a new healing and fasting clinic being opened in Santa Rosa by the reknowned Dr. Alan Goldhammer.

Sheilah sends us a link to a new movie, just released on the internet, entitled Zeitgeist, The Movie. Powerful stuff.

Elisa Stanley in So. America sent in a beautifully done Power Point slideshow, featuring her daughter who is a ballet dancer. Its entitled Art Of The Ballet. (You can only watch this if you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer, sorry.)

Peace, Joy and Laughter,

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