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The following channeling by Allen Michael is about how our commune operated back in the 70s:

The combination of workable ideas which the One World Family Commune – OWFC – has put into practice and that tie in to the high frequencies of the PSI synthesis energies of the Universal Mind, are as follows:

1. We hold all things common. And so the Godhead has already provided for our coming forth in the Constitution/Bill of Rights of the US of Israel.

2. No one in the OWFC draws wages. Therefore no one pays taxes, nor is our property taxable. For every unit of first cause love services that we do, the Universal Mind adds unto us the money units to grow. The UM cannot give us surplus money, for it operates only on a natural, balanced supply-and-demand economy of giving and receiving. The only way we could have surplus money would be to use money as capital wealth. However, as this is the time of the end of the old world, then democratic people will be supplying to us millions of dollars, which we can use only for our world communal projects. Our usury will be in harmony with natural law.

We do not need personal money, for all things our people operate are free to all of our people. We will quickly reach the balance where the whole world population and all industries slide into our New World ways and means. An across-the-board communalizing of about 10% of the industries of any city will cause money and property in those cities to lose value, and the natural integration of all things to take place.

Our communal homes, or large condominiums where the people live, will all be under the rules of the people in them; and each house will have its new members committee. For living quarters the people will make application to the communal complex they wish to live in, and they will visit with the people of the complex to see if they can fit into the vibes. For example, some black people are not ready to live with white people, and some white people are not ready to live with black people. They both have the right to establish their communal living experiences, to call a place of their choosing their own. Some groups will set up interracial communal complexes where all races blend together. Some communal dwellings will be made up of artists, movie-makers, engineers, etc. These people do their highest creativity when they are with people of their own vibrations. There is that tendency in some over-idealistic persons, those who are thinking and not knowing, that the ideal way for people to intermix is to force integration thru political means. As we see, this is all backfiring. And as there is a natural selection taking place on vibration, all people will automatically blend together harmoniously anyway.

3. We pledge to one another that we are the Church of God, and that we are led to deliver the people of earth into the Kingdom of God. Our pledge is that we shall live like Christ Revolutionaries, having only the functional necessities of life to carry out a World Reformation. In other words, if we went on mortal trips of much getting for self, then we would record the experiences of mortals in our space and aura, and then that which our Uni-inspirations and dreams had built into us would soon be gone and we would be back into the mortal world again. Our dreams would have vanished and we wouldn’t even know what had happened to them. And as we see, no one on the earth has made it as yet all the way over to the other side and held onto the emerald vision for the heavens to come to earth long enough to fulfill that high destiny. But, of course, the Cosmic Messiah is equipped to do this.

Of this we know that the Kingdom of God comes to earth in its time, and that this is the time because we are here doing it. Could we possibly be so foolish as not to have the awareness of that which we do, and of the super-intelligence of the UM that knows?

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good show m

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I’m looking for Michael Bobier I’m an old friend and was in the one world family commune. Please contact Star 707 889 0671. Please respond Michael Bobier of Santa Rosa. Thank you

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