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This channeling is from the Everlasting Gospel, Book 2, “Contact,” chapter 2, “Contact With Galactica,” channeled by Allen Michael.

Through these channelings, and throughout this Galactic Messenger Network, and all around the world now in a myriad number of other ways, Galactic Space Beings in causation spaceships are channeling high spiritual energies from Supernovas and adjacent solar systems into the planet’s aura. This is “God’s spirit being poured out upon all flesh” (Joel 2:28), which brings the energies of humanity and the whole planet through a cosmic initiation into the Kingdom of God. This means a spiritual rebirth for all the souls here in bodies, including complete social-economic transformation.

Galactica is the real cosmic civilization encompassing the entire Universe, conscious, intelligent eternal beings inhabiting all the galaxies, solar systems and planets throughout creation. Galactica will make contact with earthlings in ways that leave no doubt as to their real presence – revealing to humanity the truth of Spirit God’s nature. Right now we see their messages in the magical crop circles appearing in England and elsewhere, and in the appearance of a large spaceship seen by the entire city of Phoenix, Arizona, in 1997, and most recently a large spaceship was seen over Texas. These are just small things, yet as real as the Universe Itself, and they are a harbinger of the full future contact.

What people call flying saucers are real. What we are shown as crop circle designs in wheat fields are done as a message heralding Galactic Autonomous Self-Government, which has the trinity computer of the Universal Mind. The trinity computer is of all twelve dimensions and has been broadcasting the ideas in telepathic communion into the planet, which have been animating the workers of the world to invent all things and make and build all things.

They even made the machines to make wool suits, shirts and neckties for the men and nice dresses for the women, so they could look important as they sit in the House and Senate while many people are starving, many need medical attention, and many need a place to live. And they are so backward, they think that people need money to live on, and the people in Congress think things cost money. In truth God gives all things freely, while they play money games to the detriment of the whole world.

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Bring it on—let’s get the show on the road! I love the way the words flow like poetry right into my soul.

Thank you Allen for these inspiring channelings.


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