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Starmast Multimedia produces the Galactic Messenger Network broadcasting and communications system, a creative facet of the Universal Industrial Church. Our primary purpose is communicating the channelings of The Everlasting Gospel to the world people through an expanding series of books, television shows, audio programs and documentary material. Want to receive our newsletter? | Signup

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— The Galactic Messenger Network

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Make a donation to the Universal Industrial Church and receive your copy of The Everlasting Gospel. Simply complete the short form below and click the “donate” button — we’ll send it to you via USPS (hardcover, 352 pages, blue with gold foil lettering), or you can download the complete PDF [please specify when completing order].

  • BOOK/USA: Shipped within US via USPS – Min. Donation: $17 / $12 + $5 S&H
  • BOOK/INT: Shipped overseas via USPS – Min. Donation: $27 / $12 + $15 S&H
  • PDF: Complete Digital Book – PDF Download / Suggested Donation: $8
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The Everlasting Gospel is a miraculous book, sent from God. It contains deep spiritual Realization, with the energy and consciousness to transform the whole world. It covers spiritual, social, economic, political, psychological and metaphysical territory in profound, ground breaking manner.

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I ordered 7 books paying $72.00. Please give me information on when I will receive the books. Thank you.

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