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CommentMarch 19th, 2008 11:03

An event is presently fully in progress that is now enlivening all souls. Since the beginning of 2008, a quantum energy wave of Christ Conscious spirit began grounding Itself worldwide on a whole new level throughout the planet’s energy field, and it is now seeded in the consciousness of all human beings. Allen Michael first prophesied this many years ago. This beam of PSI Life Force is emanating directly from the galactic logos at the center of the galaxy.

This wave of resonant positive life force is nothing less than the God-Force Itself, causing the new world to be born; and the souls here in bodies to be reborn in the growing awareness of their true Soul Being and realize their place in the eternal, spiritual, civilized Universe. We are all one in Eternity, and this Reality cleanses and heals the whole world now. The die is cast, the wheat is separating from the chaff, and God is Laughing with Joy, because Its time has come at last to redeem the souls here before they destroy all life, and this is a blessing that only Unconditional Love can bring.

This new awareness is opening up as a 3rd circuit of Synthesis Awareness in human consciousness, beyond the relative forces of left and right brain, that functions as pure Intelligence in direct all-knowing in the human mind. It is the Spirit of Truth alive and awake in us, always “all for one, one for all.” Synthesis Awareness is beyond all duality, all thinking, guessing and supposing. Feel IT Lighting you up, clear as day, shining as the sun, radiating in your very being, helping, loving and lifting you through your karma, and the karma of the world.

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