ETI Space Beings Intercept Earthlings

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The following is an excerpt which begins the second book of the Everlasting Gospel, entitled “ETI Space Beings Intercept Earthlings.” Truly a phenomenal channeling. It was published in 1977. Thanks to Gabriel Hannaford for digitizing this book, which was principally edited by his father, Bill Hannaford.


This book includes many things, but the main objective of these opening pages is to make people aware that there is a “Universal Mind” that is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient, or all-knowing, and is of ETI – Extra Territorial Intelligence – which radiates thought about all things from the center of atoms everywhere. The Universe is all connected mentally to itself; and human entities have the organs of perception – or ETI qualities of Extra Sensory Perception – to be omnipresent in all knowledge, and to have the kind of emotional responses to people and things that makes them eternal and of direct service to all people and all people’s projects.

No capitalistic project is a people’s project. If you can find one that is, show it to me. They are all projects in which money is spent superfluously; not for the good of people, but for the preservation of people who couldn’t make a living doing honest work.

But even this is relative to all its opposites. To have ETI-ESP awareness is to have living purposes and the kind of soul integrity that speaks out for the right-use-ness of all material things – that all people in the mansions of the Universe shall have radiant life with all of its wonderful attributes which, in essence, are absolute freedom, security and abundance for everyone.

Of this, most world leaders in the different fields of human needs would say: “Yes, this is all true, Allen Michael. That is the way it should be, but…” I use the word ‘but’ in many places in these channeled writings, but always in an affirmation of truth-reality, whereas mortals use ‘but’ to list the many reasons why we cannot have a heaven on earth now. Their main reasons are: “But people are not ready for a New Age, we still have mental and physical illnesses, degenerative diseases, criminals, wars, selfishness, greed, vanity, etc.” These are not reasons at all why we cannot have a New World now. These things are only effects of wrong causes and will all automatically heal as the right kind of New World social environment is established.

The words God, Jehovah, Allah – or whatever name is used to speak of God or gods – all spring from the one idea of One Universe. Some writers, for their own mortal purposes, try to make us believe that there are many Universes. We see that there are many gods of dema-gog-uery, but there is only one revealing Uni¬verse, or “Uni.” ETI space beings who are on direct drive with the Uni-Godhead, or Universal Mind, have mapped out the Universe into 12 sections; but it is all one unit.

The God idea originates from the knowing, which all normal people experience, that there is life and Its nature, far flung stars in space with planets, etc. What Intelligence created IT? . . made IT? . . . evolves IT? This is what people want to have more knowing about.

So this book reveals the true meaning of the prophecy in Revelations and other parts of the Old and New Testaments which refer to these times, to convince all people who have spiritual eyes and ears that the source of the Universe gave the Scriptures and knew all about the things that would take place here. This is the mind-blowing reality! How could the Universe send prophecy through Its ETI mediums thousands of years ago which describes in great detail, blow by blow, the very things the whole world is experiencing now, as Its Kingdom – which is the true state of Uni-Christ Communism (see Acts 4:32-35) – comes in all over the world?

And who are the Israelites spoken of in the Scriptures? In the word ‘Israel’, and ‘Israelites’, the Uni-Godhead is not referring to any national group, race or religion. The Israelites are the ‘chosen people’ – those who are called and who choose themselves to fulfill the Kingdom of God mission. Israel means only that which is real, or has its reality in the Universe’s natural dynamics.

This is not difficult to imagine because the Universe is all there is. It is all-inclusive and would surely know the future of Itself in advance, and could reveal – to anyone who struck out in Its services to all people – the knowledge of the ways and means to bring about Its super kind of life.

ETI Space Beings Intercept Earthlings, the complete book in pdf format.

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