Galactic Messenger Newsletter, Jan. 08

CommentJanuary 6th, 2008 12:57

Hello One and All!

A warm welcome from us to all our visitors, new members and bloggers. We hope the Holidays treated you kindly, and you’re entering 2008 filled with energy and inspiration! Here at GMN central lots of new and interesting connections, communications and developments have unfolded.

Before getting into the latest news and posts, I want to acknowledge the incredible First Cause love service that Dale “deej” Lafayette and his multimedia company AME Studios has performed in building and maintaining this whole Galactic Messenger Network web system from the ground up: the design and sophisticated interactivity, the multimedia center, players and viewers, pdf viewer, blog communications center, all of it. He’s spent over 2 years and uncounted hundreds of hours channeling this system into being, much of it gruelingly intense; figuring out the nuts and bolts of making it all work seamlessly and beautifully. A massive effort; and I for one am most grateful the Universe has him on Its ETI telepathic wavelength.

Here’s the link to his Tech Support Log for all the latest developments and support documentation that he has set up for us, including detailed instruction on how to blog and upload media using the tools built right into our Communications Center.

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Gabriel Hannaford has done a notable service with digitizing ETI Space Beings Intercept Earthlings, the 3rd book of the Everlasting Gospel, published in 1977, which is available in full in the PDF Viewer. Here’s the opening paragraph . . .

“This book includes many things, but the main objective of these opening pages is to make people aware that there is a “Universal Mind” that is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient, or all-knowing, and is of ETI – Extra Territorial Intelligence – which radiates thought about all things from the center of atoms everywhere. The Universe is all connected mentally to itself; and human entities have the organs of perception – or ETI qualities of Extra Sensory Perception – to be omnipresent in all knowledge, and to have the kind of emotional responses to people and things that makes them eternal and of direct service to all people and all people’s projects.” More

Allen Michael’s 91st birthday celebration on Nov. 21st was a wonderful, spontaneous happening. That night about 17 of us had dinner and celebrated with AM, and we opened up a “Live Blog” from the party, sending blog entries out via the GM Network, and many of you joined in the communication with us via phone calls, e-mails and blog comments, even a video-gram birthday wish from 8 yr. old Austin Lafayette. The spirit and vibration that opened up that night was remarkable. There really was a totally shared communion in consciousness, like all being in the same room together, an extra dimension of energy was clearly present.

A second attempt at doing a Live Blog on New Years Eve didn’t connect so well, except for a few of us. We’ll do it again and it will be announced ahead of time, so people can plan to participate. We’re learning as we go in this remarkably creative school of experience in the University of the Universe.

Heliotrope is a new communal project being started up in Eugene, Oregon by none other than Chris Plant (now Chris Burns) and his partner Llyn. They have started blogging in the Living Communally topic area. Here’s the link to their post. Also, for more information go to this link at the Intentional Communities website. There is also a new slideshow of Chris’s latest artwork in the Media Center.

Del, Sheilah and Gloria have also done initial posts and comments in the Communication Center.

Growing our GMN System . . . Allen Michael continues to channel at 91 on the Galactic Messenger TV show. You’ll be able to see new shows soon on GMN, which we’ll announce when they appear. More

Web Drifter TV is hot and episode 12 is no exception. Martin Sargent and his crew had an enlightening and amusing day videotaping Allen Michael and us. Will he ever be the same? Who knows! More

The Free Dinner Project in Guerneville just celebrated its 24th Anniversary. Hats off and congratulations to Sean and Zanzara Zales, for this extraordinary love service that has fed so very many people healthy vegetarian meals all these years.

Peace and Laughter to Everyone,

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