Gardens Of Eden

CommentJuly 31st, 2014 19:02

By Del Rainer

It has become crystal clear to me that the usury money system, which structures every aspect of life on this planet, is the cause of the ever-increasing war, crime, disease, poverty and planetary destruction.

The only way we, as a society, can be successful in eliminating these negative effects is to eliminate the World Bankers’ cyborg beast, the unconstitutional usury money system. Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 5 states that congress shall have the power to coin (print) the money and regulate the value thereof. The word “Federal” was used for the title of the illegal banking system to fool the people and keep them from realizing that the FRS is controlled by private capital.

Gardens Of Eden

We end the ungodly backwards money system by implementing the World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise, channeled from Galactica thru Allen Michael and brought to the people of this planet in our latest publication as the New World Bible/The Everlasting Gospel. With the key to the Scriptures being revealed in the Everlasting Gospel, the teachings in the Bible have now served their purpose. We initiate the WWWS/KYE by issuing free cash flow money.

In our new world, all environments will be beautiful, with baths, gardens and fruit orchards near lakes and streams, rivers and oceans. As the children grow, they will be with their peer groups, learning from the older children in our creative Schools of Experience, to grow food and flowers and to care for themselves and their environment. The children are naturally attracted to participate with the adults at the appropriate level of their ability in the various Schools of Experience. Everything will be produced according to the highest standard of esthetics, design, materials and proficiency, as we provide food, clothing, shelter, care, recreation, transportation, communications, utilities and all creative arts for one another.

Artwork by Joe Kinnee

True happiness comes in sharing together in creative endeavors to provide the necessities of life for one another and in sharing equally the abundance of the planet, given so freely by Creation. All things will be done in the joy of doing and creating, sharing and serving. Never will any fault be found, nor judgment made, but all will help, love and lift one another according to need and ability.

When the children have reached an age of self-sufficiency, they will move into dormitories with the older children. Natural order will begin to take place in the children’s sexual relations, and pregnancy will only occur at the natural time in women’s lives when there is the desire to have a child. There will be no need to identify the male who impregnated the woman, inasmuch as all people will be living together harmoniously as one family, sharing the joys of all babies and children together, with no concept of possession of person, place or thing and no fear of loss. The bond that parents and children feel for one another at this time will be felt by all people for one another as we recognize that we truly are One.

It is the women who are responsible for bearing the bodies for the souls to incarnate into and for nurturing the infants and young children, and it is they who shall say what their needs are and how best to fulfill them. We want a world of love, sharing and serving, where children are recognized as all-knowing entities of the Universe and are no longer restricted and molded into the acceptable status quo cog to fit into the man’s backwards lifestyle and conditioned to go into the military murder factory to be shipped off to kill and be killed.

The people have been in a duality consciousness of good and evil, while their higher knowing – their spiritual awareness – lies dormant with walls of words that have been programmed into our computer mind bank to set off feelings of fear of an imaginary enemy and of death. We can be glad now that this is all ending.

There will be no more status quo, where intuition is subjugated to materialistic pursuits and intellectualism. Intellectualism comes of mortal-minded thinking, guessing and supposing, for which, people are highly paid, and is just an excuse for not knowing.

As the consciousness rises, there is a proliferation of books and teachers of higher awareness coming forth. The greater truth is being revealed in words and deeds in so many areas all over the planet, while at the same time, the negative effects are increasing. As the energies rise, enough people will recognize the truth and be able to balance out those who are taken over by paranoia and fear of change. Galactica is always guiding and balancing the energies in this Healing Project. •

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