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Welcome! The GMN Audio Library features a wonderful collection of music, channelings and broadcasts.

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Quazar – Electric Chorus

Channelings Of The EG – Book 1: Transformation

Galactic Messenger iRadio Series

Galactic Messenger Audio Newsletters

Classic Live Radio Interviews

Contact With Galactica – iRadio Series

Channeled Communications about world transformation and planetary enlightenment. Galactica is our civilization of eternal beings inhabiting the entire Universe, that have their headquarters in this galaxy at the Great Central Sun; who are assisting humanity to awaken, and in the process bring a whole new world into being, a space age paradise of absolute freedom, security and abundance for ALL people.

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Share The World – iRadio Series

A service of the One World Family Commune to the planet’s people in the cause of world transformation and enlightenment; an open channel communication with ETI, Extra Territorial Intelligence. Our stand is: Food, clothing, shelter, care, all needs provided for everyone in a spiritual new world economy of free giving and receiving that doesn’t use money.

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Cosmic Podcasts – Galactic News Service

In 1995 Steve Wolfe produced a series of audio programs for the Galactic News Service, featuring Allen Michael. These programs are all unique, Allen Michael channeling timeless truth with cosmic consciousness of the Universal Mind. These channelings are not for the faint of heart, they will challenge all your suppositions, assumptions and beliefs about life itself, ultimately bringing your soul fully awake and alive to the supreme reality of our eternal Living Universe.

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