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The GMN Support Center will keep you up to speed on additions to our expanding network and key upgrades that are taking place as our online system grows and develops in these times of cleansing and rebirth.

We encourage you to ask questions and give us your impression of how we’re doing. Post your comments below, or use our contact form.

An Amazing School of Experience!

The Galactic Messenger Network has been a thing of beauty to nurture and watch grow, expand and come alive over the past few years with thousands of hits every month. This post is to just thank everyone for your help, interest, support and camaraderie. Special thanks to Del Rainer, Michael Bobier, Joseph Antaree, Gabriel Ash, One World Family Commune, Universal Industrial Church of the New World Comforter, and of course, Allen Michael… for the opportunity to serve.

In Service,

Deej – GMN Support

Recent Developments

Revamped GMN Homepage
• We have reformatted the Galactic Messenger Network homepage to be cleaner, easier to read and more consistent with the rest of the website. New features include a sleek, expanded post list with thumbnails in the left main content area, which also provides a new way to navigate the latest entries. In addition, we’ve added the simplified standard sidebar on the right that appears throughout the website. This is the beta version, a few tweaks to come. Your comments and feedback are welcome! | GMN Support

GMN Security Upgrades
• WebApps across the internet are experiencing unprecedented botnet login attempts. We have put in place several measures to protect our system. If you are a member and need to login, please contact GMN Support using our contact form for instructions.

GMN User Avatars
• We have added the ability to upload and edit user avatars from the user profile page. Contact GMN Support if you need assistance.

GMN System Software Upgrade
• We have upgraded and optimized the GMN administrative System Software and database — providing a sleek new secure and friendly experience for our Editors, Authors and Contributors in 2014. Enjoy!

GMN Image Galleries
• Our Image Galleries have been updated and expanded in a newly revamped, mobile-friendly format.

GMN Audio Media
• Our Audio Programs have been redeployed with new, versatile players in a mobile-friendly format.

GMN Video Media
• GMN’s Video Archives are now delivered via our Vimeo Channel in a mobile-friendly format.

Galactic Messenger News
• Our newsletter is back, sign up today!

Galactic Messenger on Facebook
• GMN has set up a channel on Facebook.

Galactic Messenger on Twitter
• GMN has a mirror channel on Twitter.

Galactic Messenger on Vimeo
• GMN Video Archives are now available on Vimeo.

GMN Goes Mobile
• The Galactic Messenger Network has been re-engineered to detect and configure itself for whatever device you use to access the internet, from desktops to smartphones. It can even be downloaded as an app!

Questions or suggestions? Post your comments below, or use our contact form.

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