GOD — Ultimate Unlimited Mind — SPEAKS

CommentNovember 8th, 2015 14:30

You are not reading just another book, you are reading with your mind a continuous, telepathic, affirmative revelation from Creation Universe, channeled thru Emmanuel – God with us and in us. In this wonderful telepathic communion of all microcosms – in or out of bodies – with Macrocosm, you are being reconnected with the ultimate, unlimited Omni God Mind which is the cosmic life force of our infinite, eternal Universe; and you are made free by the fact that each one of us IS the truth to be expressed.

At last, Creation Mind, which is our higher mind, reveals Its mysteries to us. This Everlasting Gospel, prophesied in Rev. 10:1-11 and Rev. 14:6, takes the ‘man God’ out of the sky, and lets everyone know that every atom of this Universe is already programmed to turn out all the wonderful things of Creation thru the relationship between It as Macrocosm and ourselves as microcosms in bodies.

But God is not the author of all the confusion on this planet, so let’s get connected and end all this bulls**t and start living like we all know we should, from the primary spirit within us, which is, of course, God’s spirit!

      1. CWG176
iRadio Podcast: GOD — Ultimate Unlimited Mind — SPEAKS, “Introduction” 21 min.
      2. CWG177
iRadio Podcast: GOD — Ultimate Unlimited Mind — SPEAKS, “Special Healing Project” 31 min.

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