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CommentDecember 1st, 2017 18:00

Allen Michael’s channelings of the Everlasting Gospel bring all things to our remembrance: who we are as eternal souls on a special healing planet in a ruined solar system, that is being redeemed by ETI God Force here and now.

This post contains a changing series of messages pertinent to the world karmic cleansing, and the new world being born

Telepathic Channels of Creation

Nikola Tesla was a person who developed far superior technologies to the world’s present system of producing electricity for heating and power. Souls like Tesla and Einstein are reincarnating down through the past, raising knowledge as they go.

In the technology of old systems which have come about in the past 150 years, such as the steam generating electric plants, burning gasoline for transportation, using smelter plants for making metals, etc., it’s obvious that all of these old methods would become obsolete by advancing science, which wouldn’t be in the stocks and bonds market.

The other part that’s obvious is that, if the new technology can replace the old technology, then the old industries of the old system would be put out of business, and new enterprises would grow.

Tesla was a spiritual person, and he believed that God was leading him and his associates to bring about the new world kingdom. But he experienced the greedy power in business dealings to make big money that allowed J. P. Morgan to subvert his inventions, because he couldn’t figure out how to charge people for the electricity they could get free with Tesla’s systems, right out of the electromagnetic field. Such things still happen every day all over the world, especially in America, where the FRS Dragon has its den, and its Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has its fermentation think tank, figuring out how to use satanic power to trick people into supporting illusions.

Omni God, of course, leads everyone who puts the establishing of the Kingdom of God ahead of all other things; and Omni God has chosen the World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise as the way of bringing about Its Kingdom on the new Placentia. Why? Because the workers are the telepathic channels of the Creation! The workers invent, make and build all things, as they learn thru the actual doing of things that are real.

The establishment in the Congress, who we see campaigning in elections for offices, never say a word about bringing the end of the usury bank, cancelling all debt and bringing equality to all people. They are all under the negative effects of their own negative karma and want to keep their high-paying jobs.

It’s the same with many of the medical doctors. They want to make as much money as they can, so they have set up a system of doctoring effects, where they wait for the people to have serious illnesses and be brought to the hospital where they mainly treat the effects. But the New Age doctors began coming forth in the ‘60s with the pouring out of the Creation’s spirit on all flesh, which caused many of the youth to rise in consciousness into the beginning of the new Placentia, the new planet of rebirth and plenty for everyone!

Allen Michael and the fullness of a planetary One World Family Commune are what’s coming forth all over the world. In our New World Seminars, we bring the Real People of Israel forth and completely leave all the old world things behind.

There’s nothing real in politics, the judicial/penal system, in the military, or even in education. And there’s certainly nothing real in the usury money system. We bring the end of all of it.

Now, the planet has a new name, Placentia, planet of plenty and rebirth; and we don’t pollute our new planet with anything of the past, which isn’t going to do anyone any good. So we rid the world of its past. All things are made new and shared! We no longer use money! Omni God, the God which is omnipresent in us as telepathic communion, solves all problems easily, because the truth, when acted upon, sets all people free, and they start to hold all things common and make distribution to all people according to need. They get rid of the military and weapons, the judicial/penal system, the prisons, the old governments and religions.

The Labor Unions of the workers of the world have been able to get higher pay for the workers and better working conditions, but now they bring the WWWS/KYE that sets everyone free.

The Learned Elders of Zion have been hanging in there with their Usury World Bank, and they cause the yin and yang (antithesis and thesis) nations to fight each other in wars, while they, as the Dragon, ride on top of it all, raking in the money from both sides. No war in history has ever accomplished anything that is real. After every war they just went on with the same old politics and usury money. But now, the spiritual SYNTHESIS has come. The one for all, all for one SYNTHESIS is here, and no more thesis and antithesis is necessary.

The SYNTHESIS is what we have all been waiting for! Not the man-God to come, or the man-Satan to be cast into chains, but we have been waiting for the SYNTHESIS to be born in us, where we have the common sense to send the glorious message to all the soldiers in the ranks to take over the military by a proclamation of positive action to all the armies of the world that the time of obeying men has passed. It is the high time for us to be in and of the truth, and it’s using truth that counts.

Excerpt from The New World Bible, Book 8: Relativity, Chapter 3, page 149


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