Higher Consciousness Restored

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The Everlasting Gospel
Book 4, Chapter 9:
Higher Consciousness Restored

Channeled from the Universal Mind by Allen Michael


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In the Solar Catastrophe, the morphic resonance of formative causation (Rupert Sheldrake wrote of this in his book, A New Science of Life), the collective consciousness, was baked out of the aura of all the planets and moons in the solar system, burning out the composite solar aura itself. This resulted in a “dark ages,” because there was no consciousness left in the solar aura. The human brain cannot create thought, so it is only by speaking the words and doing the deeds of the Christ spirit that higher consciousness can be restored. This has been the main task of the past 20,000 years.

In the Solar Catastrophe, the heat continued to rise until all the planets and moons were semi-molten lava, and the openings to the inside of the hollow planets and moons, which had suns in their centers, closed up, and the suns went dim. The lava floated out into the openings from all sides and sealed off the inside of the planets. At this stage of a solar collapse, if God allowed it to go on to the next stage, the planets and moons would converge into the sun, become hot liquid, and then change to gaseous clouds which finally all clear away.

Spirit God stabilized the solar energies and sent Its special team from Galactica to set this planet up as a healing station to redeem the entities who had spaced out in the catastrophe.

During the Galactic period, following the Solar Catastrophe, Galactica made the outside of the planet green, bringing it to life over a period of several million years, and they built 12 Pyramid Temple Communities spaced around the planet, charging the pyramids with the Godmind’s gamma energy. The Giza Pyramid of Egypt is the remains of one of the Pyramid Temple Communities, with Hermes the overall supervisor of the world project. This was all done simply to redeem the souls who had disobeyed the Godmind and had caused the Solar Catastrophe. These projects were all self contained, even to the space bubble of energies they existed in, which radiated out from the pyramids. Spaceships came and went that were of the eternal Universe.

The Galactic period had been going on for about 400,000 years when, 20,000 years ago, after having redeemed sixteen billion entities, Galactica left their project and took all their space equipment with them. When the Galactic Elohim left, about eight billion souls still remained to be redeemed. These were souls who had strayed from the Pyramid Temple Communities of high gamma energies and had fallen into survival consciousness from their struggle with nature, finally reaching the point where they mated with animals. This caused a devolution mutation in the body strains, making it necessary for them to evolve back in consciousness over the long period of time up to now. 5,000 years ago, with the rise of Babylon, Spirit God put the people under money atonement, because it would serve to regulate the growth of society while the people were still in secular consciousness. For this reason, it has been necessary for the dualistic money world to precede the coming of the new world.

Had Omni God allowed this Plentoria solar system to dematerialize six million years ago, then there would have been no planet to use for a healing project, through which the spaced out souls could have been redeemed. This dematerialization does happen in a thousand years, which is the time following the redemption of the entities here when the planets and moons converge into the sun. Have no fear of this, for all souls will have left this space and returned to normal Universe long before this takes place. This is Omni God’s means of dematerializing the affected planets and moons and returning them to energy.

You can see that the right thing to do is not to judge the people and toss them into a lake of fire if they are “bad,” but rather to set up the environment for selfless service and autonomous self-government, so the souls in bodies can become perfect again through their own actions.

The writings in the Bible which express judgment and punishment are of the 7th density prophets of this planet. After Galactica left the planet 20,000 years ago, they turned the project over to the solar entities, the Ashtar Command, also known as the Solar Tribunal. The entity who was Jesus Christ is the head of this spiritual organization. They are able to balance in the relative consciousness of this planet to help souls here evolve spiritually. Now is the point when transformation into higher consciousness happens here, virtually all at once, and the Godmind has the complete cooperation of the Solar Tribunal in support of Its World Master Plan.

Now, Galactica has returned with some 2 million entities known as the 144,000, who have been redeemed from this project and are returning with Allen Michael, of the 12th density, who speaks only in the Synthesis affirmatives of helping, loving and lifting everyone, which is also what Jesus was teaching.

This is the time of the end of the old world and the beginning of a new world, where all things are held common and distribution is made to all people according to need. Within a thousand years (at the end of the new Millennium), the solar system will be dematerialized, and, by then, the last souls remaining here will have been redeemed and returned to Galactica.

It’s hard for anybody to understand anything real if they think they have a brain that is thinking up thought in a Universe that is all-knowing. They don’t realize that subconsciousness here on this world as it is now is just like a big sewer, with all this negated thought in it. When they start thinking of how they can make money, they are on a lower vibration where they key into all the negation recorded on that level of the collective computer mind bank; and they certainly don’t key in on the Godmind’s energies, the higher energies of the Universe, which are all of sharing and serving one another.

The world Internet system is symbolic of the planet’s collective computer mind bank, the collective consciousness, the morphic resonance of formative causation, the akashic records: all mean the same thing. All the people of the world are beginning to be conscious of the Internet, and intuitively they realize that they don’t want to put anything into it unless it is of the right kind of consciousness. The Internet corresponds with the collective consciousness of the whole planet’s aura, which is simply a big computer mind bank where everything everyone says and does is recorded in the matter and space atoms of the territory they are in, in the house, the city, the state, the nation and the whole world, and the energy plays back exactly as it is recorded, like a giant computer. So, the idea is to purify the consciousness of the planet’s aura again so that there is only the energy and thought of Godmind in it.

As God’s Christ consciousness comes into us, all things automatically begin to heal and change toward the perfect.

In normal Universe, it’s just a big celebration every day and no Beings have ever heard of “work.” Everyone serves together to provide their needs with inspired creativity. They certainly never have to dig for oil because there’s no oil in normal Universe. Energy is drawn directly from the Electromagnetic field of space. Galactica set up the creation of oil on this planet at the end of the Dinosaur Age through the dinosaur’s decomposition, knowing it would be needed millions of years later to power the Industrial Age. The Godmind had to create everything needed here, a whole new artificial system to redeem those entities on lower vibrations. So now, with the developing science, technology and computer electronics, the people have been brought right back up to reconnect with Galactica.

Read The Everlasting Gospel, Book 4: Transcendance

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