His Early Life


Allen Michael

The body inhabited by Allen Michael was born Allen Noonan, Nov. 21, 1916, in Britt, Iowa. A precocious child, he excelled in art and running, earning a track scholarship to Drake University. He left after one record setting year, realizing his self-education far exceeded anything formal education could offer him.

World War II arrived, and Allen was drafted as a conscientious objector. He served in North Africa with a non-combatant camouflage battalion until the end of the war.

Soon after the war he was married with children, and moved to Southern California with his wife, Marian, and growing family. He began working as a sign painter for Foster-Kleiser advertising, and raising his 3 children, Dennis, Steven and Laurie.

After his cosmic initiation, Allen opened his own art studio, and began to channel the information coming to him in a stream of consciousness from ETI. The late 40s and early 50s saw Allen in the midst of the burgeoning UFO-Flying Saucer movement, along with the two George’s: Adamsky and Van Tassel, as well as Gabriel Green.

He opened a coffee house, the House of Meditation, which rapidly became a happening place for young music groups to launch their acts, like Jackson Brown and others. But his family life was not to continue. He and Marian divorced.

Then the 60s arrived, and Allen was led to San Francisco, where he opened the Mustard Seed restaurant, and began the One World Family commune.

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