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<Channeled by Allen Michael

Allen Michael

In reading these inspired works, let your imagination soar into the highest vision of happiness and fulfillment. Imagine what this beautiful planet would be like all cleaned up with all of its major cities rebuilt according to the highest vision of creative people, and many new ones built under New World social planning and designs, where money and the penal-military systems would be totally abolished.

Imagine a New World where our natural science and technology is liberated completely from capital wealth, and where we can apply our creativity, resources and industries to build to the heights of our imaginings – a New World under a true Universal Government of, by and for the people.

The main reason the world goes on into worsening wars and civil conflicts is that neither the masses of people nor their elected officials thoroughly understand the Natural Law of cause and effect/karma-retribution. But they shall all learn the natural law now, for this is the great time of times when the Godhead fulfills its great promise to us. Many of our scientific and professional minds, in their psychological analyses, are yet under much illusion in thinking that there is something wrong with human nature and the nature of our planet. But finally they wake up to the truth that nothing is wrong in the atomic body as the Universal Mind has programmed it. The people are being led from within by the UM to seek the perfect way of life, and those things that appear to them to be war, crime, disease, poverty, etc., are simply the negative effects of the people’s wrong causes.

Up to this point the world has steadily changed according to our psychic and scientific-technological growth. And now the mass consciousness is sufficiently expanding and the technology is developed enough so that the World People can unite and rebuild the whole world. Now comes a great period of leveling off. As the Scriptural prophets declared, at this time, which is that great time of times, the World People find themselves caught up in a struggle with those people who are yet orthodox, or status quo, and cannot see the essence of it all. But they shall see, as soon as the people who are ready for the great total changes unite together in one Universal purpose for all humanity, and this is the mission of this Everlasting Gospel.

Nearly everyone has his or her own intellectualizations as to why the world remains as it is and why it cannot change, except very gradually thru what they call evolution or political action. Most people are unconsciously hooked into the materialist theory that some day, by and by, we shall eventually evolve into a healthy, happy way of life. There is that growing intellectual democratic spirit which causes people to believe in their present ways and means – their church clubs and political organizations – as though these things were normal and would bring the changes that are needed. The truth is that this old world ends all at once and a New World of total fulfillment begins.

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