Live from Allen Michael’s Birthday Celebration

CommentNovember 21st, 2007 21:31

Hello one and all!

We’re sending this out live from the One World Family Commune tonight, as Allen Michael’s 91st birthday celebration unfolds.

The house is ready, and set for dinner. About 17 people expected. Del is baking polenta lasagna, a large salad is already done and broccoli is steaming soon.

Michael, Jeff and Joseph helped Del prepare the tables, clean the room, etc. Seann and Zanzara just arrived, with more on the way, heading up the freeway.

High folks, nation, how are you doing?

We are all fine and dandy. Allen is saying hello and wishing you were here.

– Michael

Dearest One World Family Communalists,

Our wonderful party continues to unfold, just like the transformation of the planet, in the words of David C. Korten, who wrote a book by the title The Great Turning: from Empire to Earth Community. We will bring you more information as it unfolds.

Yours in service,

Jeff Hrdlicka, MatheMagician

Traffic problems are impeding people’s arrival, plus the usual karma of day-before-Thanksgiving business as usual. Sheilah and Grace had to pull off the freeway and eat with the kids cause it was all so slow.

Here is not slow. Ha! Numerous conversations are in full swing.

Jeanni sent a beautiful bouquet, which is on the center table, and the scent of food cooking fills the kitchen.

Love is in the air! Love is everywhere! Love as service done, all humanity as one.

Here’s Rhys, after dinner. . .

Hello! We are having a great time here with Allen. Tera just gave Allen a beautiful comforter that she made. Allen David and I just got off the road after a four hour trip that shoud have taken 2 1/2. Wish you where here.

Love to all,


Parties in full swing, everyone’s here. Sheilah, Grace, David and kids just rolled in. Yummy pies for dessert. Pumpkin, Allen’s favorite.

Austin, Allen Michael loved your video.

We’re going to watch a video about the commune produced by Allen David.

Rollin’ and rockin’. Having fun. Music’s starting. Voices coming up singing! Feel the heart of the world opening to god’s spirit.

Let it soar, right on into the new world! •

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Community Discussion

  • Gloria Celestial

Hey one and all from Seattle:

Wow-wish we were there. I can smell the lasagna and I know the salad must be green even though there doesn’t seem to be a video feed as well.
Next year.

91-amazing how time flies when you are bringing home the angels.
My mom just celebrated 98 on Oct. 5-hanging on.

I remember so many beautiful parties we’ve all shared. And singing…
I can still hear Steve pounding out Crusader’s Hymn and the angels joining with our voices to raise the roof.

I love and miss you all more than you can possibly know. But we are always connected and look forward to our finishing up the project and moving on to our next adventure.

Will check in later.



  • Tama

Thank you Allen for changing our lives forever. Opening us to the Universal Mind and being constant as an inspiration…. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!
Huge Hug and Kiss from me. I love you Tama

  • Gloria Celestial

I can hear music-I wish I were there singing. Allen Michael-we love you so and and are so grateful for what you’ve brought to our lives. Our time at OWF changed our lives and each day we try to be a living demonsration of love.

Dennis still channels daily and picks at his guitar. He asked me to send his best wishes for your celebration-he doesn’t type much so I’m happy to pass on his greeting.

Vicki, our daughter, just turned 50 and remembers her time in the teen commune of Stockton. Her daughter, Sarah, just turned 21 on the lst.
I hope she has her cosmic initiation soon-she’s a very special person.

Seems like we should be doing a group meditation laying on the floor with our heads toggether ohming and laughing-only problem is us seniors would never be able to get up off the floor.

Enjoy your birthday pie-


Dennis and Gloria

  • Jeani

Aloha Allen,

Thought I’d give you a blog! Your channel resounds…resounds…all around the Universe…and unites all of the dimentional threads that create this weaving that is US…from each microcosmic intelligence… through out the macro cosmic tapestry of Light. I love you… you, meaning all celestial elements that is Life!!!!!

A very celebrating day….enjoy! You Are…..therefore, I am…oh! You are A.M.,therefore I are….all my love, jeani

  • Allen Beale

Happy bday…Aloha Santa Rosa from Gilroy…see ya soon. -A

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