Message From Allen Michael

CommentMay 25th, 2013 20:08

Message from Allen Michael

This Everlasting Gospel has Creation Universe’s plan in it that restores Its Utopian Kingdom on this planet, in ways that are all nonviolent and positive.

Contact with our galactic civilization transforms the whole world, as we peacefully transcend all things of the past.

In normal Universe there is no war, crime, disease, poverty or death. There is only equality, and all things are free, with no money used. This is how life will be lived here in the New World Paradise.

Let us lift up our heads to the Creation Being of the Universe and be exceedingly glad that It has the solution to all our problems and can return us, as souls, to the Eternal Universe.

Footnote to the Reader

The channeling of The Everlasting Gospel is spiritual prophesy, a message to all humanity channeled by Allen Michael from the Universal Mind of Cosmic Intelligence.

Contact with the God Force and Its Space Beings of the Galactic Elohim is transformative to your soul – and the whole world. As such, your mind of conditioned beliefs may be challenged by these spiritual truths. So, engaging the essence of the great ideas contained herein involves using your spiritual intuition, attuning yourself to the channeled stream of consciousness that is the source of the message.

If you ask the God Force to clarify any confusion you experience, It will respond.

Space Beings of the God Force exist in fully realized God-consciousness, and inhabit beautiful eternal bodies. Their eternal civilization is perfect in every way. The Galactic Elohim are not to be confused with the astral beings known as the Grey Aliens, who inhabit mutated bodies with large black eyes.

We know the Spirit of truth vibrates in all souls as pure, all-knowing God-Realization, beyond ego. May your ego easily give up the ghost of its false existence as your soul awakens to full liberation, to Realize the Oneness of God’s Spirit in All Life!

Allow it to bless and enlighten you. •

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Comment on : May 25th, 2013 8:21 pm

The Everlasting Gospel, brought to heal the world. It’s all so simple: Share The World thru holding all things common and making free distribution according to need. All Life, all souls will prosper and thrive.

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