Message From Michael 7/24/10

CommentJuly 24th, 2010 16:21

AMWe just received a message from Allen Michael, aka Archangel Michael. He is using this website to send us all his greetings and spiritual salutations from his home in Andromeda!

He has directed us to share this utterly pertinent 14 min. Everlasting Gospel audio channeling with everyone who is in tune with the rising consciousness of God’s Spirit:

Spirit God’s perfect plan is absolute freedom, security and abundance for all people in a new world space age paradise. The Spirit of Truth awakening in us brings it into being automatically, for It is God IT Self redeeming the whole world in spite of all human folly. The World Master Plan given in the Everlasting Gospel comes into being with full ETI Contact, blessing all people.

~ Blessings, Joy and Laughter to one and all! ~ Joseph Antaree

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Aloha! I had to respond to this because July 24th is my birthday (Yes, I’ve been 49 for 20 years now, so I’m pretty used to it — said with a southern drawl — HA!). I also want to send you something that you already might get, but thought you’d be interested. It’s Amrita’s (no, not me) channeling of Melchizedek and the Pleiadian awareness of what’s going on right now. Feel free to call me — or email. 760.479.0301 or to .

Let’s catch up — if that’s possible. 😀

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