Michael’s Stand – The Everlasting Gospel

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Michael's Stand

Starmast Publications is pleased to announce the release of Michael’s Stand — a new book in the prophesied Everlasting Gospel series, channeled by Allen Michael from the Universal Mind.

Here is an excerpt:

“Long ago, Galactica built twelve communal colonies in the warm climate around the planet, and operated them over a period of four hundred thousand years. We built the Hermetic trinity Giza pyramids that sent alpha, beta and gamma energies along the etheric ley lines around the planet to furnish light, electric power, consciousness and teleportation energy to all the communities. All of this was for the healing of those souls who had allowed their seven body and soul chakras to be turned around, to function in mortal-minded thinking, instead of the first cause activity of the Creation Universe.

Our Galaxy, called Immaculaceptor Galaxy, contains billions of solar systems and planets, all inhabited by eternal beings living in spiritual Utopia. Now comes the time when this planet and its entities are restored to the Creation’s Utopia.

This is easy for us of the Galactic Elohim to do and is all fun. No more politicians, preachers, judges, billionaires, soldiers, generals, athletic heroes, or celebrities. All these things are dropped out of society as the Workers of the World end their slavery and carry out the Galactic World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise, which becomes a gala world celebration for everyone. This stops all unnecessary work, while continuing to produce the bare necessities of life, with all activity becoming creativity and not “work,” and transfers all property back to the Creation so It can put it into right use for all people. Then together we will build a New World that is beautiful and righteous in every way.”

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