My Life In The One World Family Commune

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Natural Selection

We had been together for about four years when, at one of our weekly family meetings in the Altamira House, Allen Michael opened the discussion up to group tantra, the exchange of sexual energies, or as we call it, Natural Selection. The wisdom of Allen Michael’s unprecedented ideas had been demonstrated to us consistently during our years together, so when he brought forth the idea, we were timidly open to trying it out. The following week, we initiated the beginning of what, to me, was the most revolutionary of our communal experiences.

We could see the benefit of going beyond the mortal-minded status quo programming in order to provide for one another the health benefits in exchanging hormones and energies in right sexing and the accompanying increased telepathic communication, while at the same time ridding ourselves of false programming of shame, guilt, jealousy and possessiveness.

In subsequent meetings, we discussed the ways and means to come together in a tantric circle, “cross-catalyzing” and sharing energies, while keeping in mind pitfalls in an area so fraught with hang-ups and paranoia. There was an excitement as well as apprehension in knowing we were taking the leap.

We began our first NS meetings with group massage and became comfortable developing a more intimate relationship with one another. We began to establish guidelines for the meetings, being sensitive to one another’s needs in an area so misunderstood and negated in our society. We limited our first classes to the original six couples who had come together, and it became a custom for the women to invite the men to join them for each meeting.

During the week, the doubt would creep in, and I would begin to think of any number of reasons why I couldn’t make the next NS meeting, but in the end, I was able to balance the negative pole and follow thru and was always thankful afterward that I had.

Beautiful music, candlelight and pleasant surroundings helped to raise the vibration and set the scene as we came together as couples, bathed and dressed in loose garments. We related to one another with affection and warmth, aware of the power of our thoughts and of our telepathic communion. I could see that, for myself and everyone involved, it was essential that I rise above any thought of doubt or negation and affirm the beautiful, spiritual relationship of man and woman coming together as one.

We often would begin with a glass of wine or juice, as we conversed, stretched and relaxed together. After a period of time, we formed a circle, with the women facing the men in the tantric position. We caressed and massaged one another as we shared the feeling of intimacy in the rising energies.

At the end of each song on the tape, the women would change partners as they moved around the circle. There were no set rules for timing, but usually we would complete the circle once and then, the second time around, as the energies would rise, the men and women would complete the sexual union.

The purpose of “cross catalyzing” (as we called it) in our Natural Selection classes was not to reach a climax, but to rise in consciousness, from the solar plexus, to heart, to head chakra, as we exchanged the health-giving energies. It was understood that men who were new to the experience and unable to control an ejaculation would simply disengage from the woman, eliminating any fear of unwanted pregnancy.

As we passed around the tantric circle, giving and receiving hormones and energies, with the affirmation of our oneness in God consciousness, I experienced an exhilaration and sense of oneness unlike any other group relationship I have ever known. As I would rise in the energies, I found myself transcending personalities and often would lose my sense of identity, as well as that of my partner. I would become aware of myself and my partner as etheric Beings in bodies, giving and receiving as one in the flow of Creation energies. In the healing experience of natural sexing, the uniqueness in each other’s energy and beauty is unveiled as facets in the jewel of Creation, affirming our true relationship and oneness of purpose. At the end of our meeting, I experienced a wonderful euphoria and comraderie with everyone, as we all floated back to our various niches for the evening.

After a few meetings, when we felt we had established our guidelines and were feeling secure in the experience, we opened the meetings up to other communal members who wished to participate. As we grew in our ability to balance the negated thought postulates and maintain a high vibration, more and more of the family members who were ready to go beyond old recordings joined the group. The wonderfully transformative weekly meetings continued consistently for four years.

The degree to which we were able to transcend the heavily recorded fear around natural, healthy, fulfilling sexual relationships was based on a bond of trust, which is formed between men and women when they live together communally, sharing all things in common, and are in service to one another. Also, I feel, that to have taken the leap of faith that we did, it was necessary for us to have had the guidance of a master adept such as Allen Michael.

It’s a sad thing that trust is so lacking in our fearful, getting-for-self society, where money comes before human welfare. When we are living together as a group, committed to sharing and caring for one another, we know we will always be supported, and we grow in this awareness as we heal past conditioning from a backwards lifestyle. For me, our Natural Selection meetings were the most liberating and transcending experience I’ve ever had.

The recognition is growing that the spiritual union of two people who come together on vibration to share their lives does not require a contract sanctified by the State. When we are free to express and give of ourselves in creative experiences, giving and receiving with one another on a daily basis of love services, we no longer expect one person to be all things. We can honor each person for their unique, individual talents, abilities and contributions, as we come together with different people at different times in our harmonious, flowing dance of life.

False ideas of ownership and attachments, whether they are to people, property, materiality or ideas, are just an effect of the fear of losing something and a by-product of the unnatural getting-for-self money system, with its haves and have not’s. Attachments keep us from being free to be in the omnipresent here and now, knowing that Creation Universe provides for all of our needs. The idea of “owning” property and our mates comes from this concept of lack – an illusion recorded in the collective consciousness. In our coming New World, there will be no lack or need for laws to protect the money and property of the few, and there will be no crime, another of the effects of an unnatural system of inequality.

Of course, we had the old recorded hang-ups from past conditioning to deal with, but they were healed as we went along. We recognized that what we see in others, is what we have in ourselves, and in forgiving from moment to moment, we heal ourselves as well.

For a group to be in this higher state of consciousness, I have found the necessary ingredient to be on-going creative projects and goals that benefit the whole and that everyone takes part in, the degree to which depends on each person’s ability. People with more highly evolved talents and abilities naturally become the leaders in different areas, or “Schools of Experience,” as we call them. The leaders pass their expertise on to others interested in that particular SOE and then go on to learn a new skill.

Our aim is to go beyond the specialization trap that has come out of the usury money system, where the more highly skilled people make more money and are looked up to as being superior. The truth is that they are trapped in the monotony of repetition along with everyone else, while the lower paid, more menial workers are unable to advance and gain the same skills as others and are thereby relegated to a less-qualified, inferior status of monotony. No one really wins in the old status quo buying-and-selling, wheeling-and-dealing system, not even the World Banker ruling class, stuck in their illusions of bringing about a new world order with their money system and their fear of losing what they have.

III: The Universal Industrial Church of the New World Comforter

It was an incredibly high energy time, celebrating our New Age lifestyle and coming face to face with our individual karmic patterns, learning from them and letting go so that we could share and serve in a totally trusting relationship. I marvel when I look back at those days. Our many accomplishments, with little or no previous experience, were inspired by Allen Michael’s expansive vision and the freedom we felt to be our creative selves. As we performed our music, ran restaurants, published books and cared for our many children, our focus remained on our mission of publishing and distributing Allen Michael’s channeled writings and getting “the Comforter” before the people. It was clear to us that we were being guided by Creation Universe.

We recognize ourselves as the “church of God rising among the people,” making “Michael’s stand with the holy people,” Dan. 12:1-4, and in 1973, we became chartered as the Universal Industrial Church of the New World Comforter. We were granted a non-profit status, with Starmast Publications and Productions as the publishing and production facet of the church.

With past secretarial experience, I was naturally led to participate in the publication of Allen Michael’s channelings – a highly fulfilling endeavor, as well as a great challenge. It was rewarding to be able to use skills I had acquired as a secretary in the wage slave world toward something I truly cared about. Those of us who have worked on the publications have learned to trust that the supernal truth will shine thru in spite of it all and have strived to edit the messages coming thru as little as possible.

Allen Michael channels from an all-encompassing perspective of the Synthesis, explaining the relativity of all things on this world, which in the written form can be easily misinterpreted inasmuch as most of the words in our language are a reflection of limited thinking and duality. Out of ignorance of the truth, the fear of the unknown blocks people from being open to something they have never heard of before or read in their text books. It’s of course absurd to imagine that the books supervised by the establishment would have any truth about the economy and history, when their purpose is to program the youth to fit into the backwards system and keep the wheels turning in the so-called government and in giant corporations. However, at this time in the year 2011, the planetary transformation into our wonderful new sharing world is rapidly approaching, and the consciousness is expanding, as more and more people are recognizing the truth. Galactica has allowed the negative effects to build more intensely now in planetary catastrophies to awaken the people from their dream, or I should say “nightmare,” of buying and selling Creation’s abundance for secular gain.

“To the Youth of the World”

Back in Berkeley, at last, the great day came that we had been looking forward to. It was June of 1973, and as Starmast Publications, we published the first book of the Everlasting Gospel series, “To the Youth of the World.” Just as many other times over the years, that was one when we were all sure that this was the big breakthrough and, with our mission at last accomplished, we were soon to be recognized for the truth we were bringing to the people. I realize that “soon” is relative, and it’s always the same day in the Universe. Now, 39 years later, I can see that it was just one of the many publications, videos and talks over the years, containing the message and being recorded in the collective consciousness for this time now, when the rising planetary consciousness has reached a point where the truth of the Everlasting Gospel is being recognized.

Following the publication of the first EG, we published our natural food cookbook, “Cosmic Cookery”, thanks to Kathryn and Lorena’s competence and stick-to-it-iv-ness as editor and artist, along with the support of all the communal members who carried out the necessary daily activities to keep our visionary starship moving ever onward. As a result of Cosmic Cookery’s popularity, we published three additional printings, and Kathy had many opportunities to display her charisma and share the wisdom of a natural food diet.

Under Chris Plant’s leadership, a small group from the Family set up a communal project in Sacramento where we operated the One World Family Natural Food Restaurant on the K St. mall. We got the word out in the State Capitol, serving many people, including then governor Jerry Brown as an occasional customer.

Toward the end of ’75, with the demand of editing, publishing and promoting the EG and putting on musical productions, it became evident that the all-consuming responsibility of operating the One World Family Center in Berkeley was no longer feasible. As the older and more experienced members were being pulled to communication projects, we were unable to maintain our food service on the same high standard, and the Center wasn’t making it financially. Then, one day we were faced with the news that the two former fraternity houses we were living in on Prospect Street had been sold and our large family had to find other dwellings. With perfect timing, shortly before we were to move out of the houses, Allen Michael found a buyer for our restaurant. It was the end of an era and we were being moved on our way, just as we had been led from San Francisco to Marin to Berkeley.


1974 was a year of emissaries going forth to establish projects on their own. First, Jay, Tama’s husband and a friend of the family, helped set up a OWF natural food restaurant in Lahaina on Maui, and Tama, Michael B., Bill B., Elaine, Betty, Sheila, Jeanie, Joe, and others went to beautiful Maui to communally operate the Cafe Paradise. Our little restaurant on Front Street was a big success, and subsequently, we opened the FarOutfits Shop also on Front Street. It was a beautiful little shop across from the ocean, where we sold our handmade, airbrushed clothing and gifts.

In that same year, Steve, who had gone on the road with his band, wanted to establish a musician’s commune in Eugene, Oregon and asked Michael and me to come there to help set it up. We agreed to make the move, welcoming the opportunity to be together with Mike, Rhys, Catie and Chris in a closer relationship than had been possible since joining the commune. Having been swept off our feet with the idealism and vision of a world of caring, sharing people, living as one family while going thru the myriad of changes that accompany so radical a change in lifestyle, we had been blind to the fact that our children needed a lot more individual attention and care than they were getting, and the move gave us the opportunity to do that.

The two months we had planned to be in Eugene flew by and became two years. Michael studied radio communications at Lane Community College, where he became a student Senator and, even though he was recognized as having some unusual and radical ideas, was chosen to attend a Community College conference in Washington, D.C. We participated in many fairs in Eugene and did our usual promotions to get the word out, with people joining us for different periods of time.

On one of my trips to Berkeley for a visit, I learned the art of airbrushing from Bill B., and when I returned to Eugene, I set up an airbrush studio in our house. I found that not only was it a good chance to get our literature to the people, but as well, selling flying saucer T-shirts at the Saturday Market – a popular arts and crafts marketplace downtown – was a great weekend cash flow project. Michael and Rhys expressed their creativity in woodwork and weaving by making and selling Inca looms and beautiful hand woven belts, while Catie and Mike helped with the booth.

Beldon came up from Berkeley to join us, and during our last two months in Eugene, we took over a bakery that was going out of business. It was a great time, baking our honey pastries and Whole Wheat Sunflower Seed Bread in the beautiful, large professional bakery and having the opportunity to provide our natural whole grain pastries and bread for the community. It was short but sweet, and after operating the bakery for two months, we had to move out because the owner went into bankruptcy. We realized then that it was time to return to the Family’s newly acquired home base in Stockton.


Following our move from Berkeley, members had found temporary living quarters in various areas while the Family searched for affordable housing large enough to fit our needs in the land of separate family dwellings. Because we had the small group of the OWFC operating a vegetarian restaurant near the Capitol in Sacramento, we included that area in our search. Thus, we found the beautiful Wong Mansion in Stockton, 45 minutes south of Sacramento, located in the San Joaquin Valley. Stockton has the distinction of being a multi-cultural area, with a deep water port on the San Joaquin River, surrounded by fertile delta farmland. The low cost-of-living and the slower pace was a welcome change from Berzekly for all of us, particularly for those of us with children.

By the time we returned from Eugene, Allen Michael and some of the communal family members had made the move to the Wong Mansion, which we renamed the Altamira. It was a beautiful oasis in an older, multi-ethnic neighborhood of small houses. The 12 bedroom mansion was built above street level, with large grounds containing many different kinds of fruit trees and surrounded by a beautiful wrought iron fence. On the adjacent property, we rented a three-apartment complex with a large swimming pool. As more of the family reassembled, we rented three additional houses within a block of the mansion and, on that same block, had an organic vegetable garden on a large lot donated by our landlady.

Stockton was quite a contrast to the radical, fast-moving scene in Berkeley, and without the vast drain of energy it took to operate our large Center on Telegraph, we were able to develop other areas of creativity and communications, as well as publish two more books of the Everlasting Gospel series, “UFO-ETI World Master Plan” and “ETI Space Beings Intercept Earthlings”.

Along with publications and promotions, our other “Creative Schools of Experience” included a productive woodshop, sewing, airbrushing, candle making, tie-dying, video and music productions, recording, catering and organic gardening, most of which were included in our Children’s Schools of Experience.

The high point of this period were our musical productions, with leading musicians, Bill B., Bill H., Andor, Leaetta, Alan; Patti and Bill’s dancing and teaching abilities; the genius of Betty’s costume creations; Elaine and Joy’s sewing skills and, of course, the participation of all of us other talented members of the family. We provided most of our own entertainment and recreation, and the weekly family disco parties in the Meditation Room were gala celebrations, hosted by our own “Disco Daddy,” Bill B.

We had our little self-contained environment, learning thru the doing while we produced our inspired art, music and books. It was a wonderful world, free of the insecurity that comes of the secular world of buying and selling, wheeling and dealing. Of course, we all had our different karmic patterns to unravel, and living communally is a speedy way to learn about yourself and to make changes. If you can’t make the changes, you have to leave, and when you know there is nowhere else you want to go, you do it. In looking back at where I was at then, I can see how much I’ve grown in self awareness, and I’m so thankful I’ve been given this opportunity to awaken more and more to my true self – a continuing process for all of us here on this healing project planet.

The Synthesis Party

In early 1980, Michael Parry came up with the idea that we form our own political party and he drew up the papers for us to register as the Synthesis Party, “the party to end all political parties and have a real party!” – with Allen Michael running for president in the ‘80 election.

On one of his promotion trips to Southern California, Beldon succeeded in setting up a date with the producer of the Real People show. At that time, Real People was a popular CBS-TV show out of Hollywood. The show’s director, Chuck Hillinger and host, John Barber, came with their crew to document our dynamic communal demonstration. The crew had planned to spend half a day with us, but they were so interested in each person they interviewed, the spirit of our wonderful lifestyle and the colorful surroundings of the Wong Mansion, that they extended it to two full days of interviews.

It was an exhilarating experience, with all of us turned on to the wonderful story we have to tell and the thrill that we were finally going to be seen and heard. This was a few months prior to the 1980 presidential election and Allen Michael made an agreement with the producer that he would not appear on any other national TV show before the election, which meant canceling a scheduled appearance on the Tom Snyder Show.

It was another of those peak times when world recognition appeared to be eminent, and had CBS shown our demonstration of living together as one family on national TV, we most certainly would have had world attention. But of course, the ruling powers wouldn’t want that, and we probably would have attracted a lot of negative energy to ourselves from the establishment. I can see now that the consciousness at that time wasn’t ready for the truth of so great a scope and the coming changes.

Month after month, we were told that the showing had been delayed for one reason or another, and ultimately, it was never shown! It was obvious to us then, just as it has been obvious all along, why no major network has yet covered our fantastic demonstration and the enlightening messages coming thru Allen Michael from Galactica. The “money behind the throne,” who control the mass media, couldn’t let people see how wonderful life can be when people are sharing all things in common and serving one another without thought of reward. It might blow all the brainwashing that’s been done to portray communism (communalism) as an evil, sinister force. The truth is that it is the powers-that-be of the usury money world who represent the evil force – but then too, it’s all relative!

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This was great reading. I lived in Lahaina in 75 and loved the Cafe Paradise. The tables were set within a bunch of banana trees. All the hippies in Lahaina ate there. I still use the One World Cook Book. It was while using it that I got interested and checked out where you guys were. It was fun to read this story about the group.

So happy to have assisted with the update, Del. Quite a read indeed!

  • Joseph

Bravo! Del, you really nailed it right on the head. My honor to have shared so much of it with you, Allen Michael and everyone. What an unbelievable crew, what a life!! An abundance of creative talent and energy in revolutionary service to a new world. And what a channeling, from the EG down thru the daily details, ETI is omnipresent with us and in us.

Thank you God, we are ever grateful. Love is service done

Aloha Del,
Thanks so much for your article and especially the pictures. It was great to see the restaurants and family (where are they now?) and even my pizza poster! Please post more and keep up the good work. I would be happy to know the family listened to my daily radio show 10 to 2PM ( Maui time ) Monday thru Friday on A lot of great music (non-commercial) with a few positive ideas mixed in. On the fly with an I phone etc. download the app tunein radio. Keep it UP, Bill Best

  • Nick Oliver

Dear Del,

Remember me ? … brother of Chip ( black and silver ) . Early days … Berkeley, Larkspur. That aside … I read your article. Truly fabulous. You have an amazing memory, just like me. I’ll never forget your tan face and salt and pepper ponytail. I posted my email address in the required field, but I’ll post it here just in case you don’t receive it : That’s h2o, as in water, that’s an “o”, not a zero. Del, just one rule I have … nothing impersonal, like ecards or groupthink, etc…. gotta be you, and you only. If you’d like to send an email to Chip, his email is Until then, Love, Nick

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