My Life In The One World Family Commune

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The Beginning of the End of an Era

As our children grew, we could no longer have three or four sharing one bedroom as we did when they were smaller, and as well, the older children were being harassed in the neighborhood. So, we began to move in smaller groups to another part of Stockton. It was an interesting transition – living in the world of separate houses. For several years, we continued to maintain our communal structure and alternated dinners at the different houses during the week. We experienced the truth of the old saying, “It goes with the territory,” as we were brought face-to-face with the secular programming that goes along with that lifestyle of separate households, where people are caught up in the day-to-day status quo business-as-usual cares of the world and its inherent fear of survival. We no longer had communal cash flow projects that our maturing youth could participate in, which is one of the reasons that many communal members began to spread out and integrate back into the community’s economic and social structure. Little by little, different members of the Family went off separately and in small family groups to experience life once again in the buying and selling world.

Because of resentment and feeling alienated, after graduating from high school our son, Michael, chose to leave the communal group and “make it” in the status quo world of effects. Since then, he has had many of the same unfulfilling experiences and problems relative to money and relationships that the majority of people experience in that world. However, with his beautiful high spirit, he has made great strides in overcoming old conditioning. Now, even people with relatively happy childhoods and those who have become “successes” in the status quo world are beginning to realize that there is something very wrong with the way we, as a humanity, live on this planet and that there is a great need for a total social change.

The Nation’s Capitol

In November of 1982, our publishing facet, Starmast Publications, published the fourth of the Everlasting Gospel series, “GOD-Ultimate Unlimited Mind-SPEAKS”. Allen Michael felt that the place to be to reach the most people with our latest publication was the Nation’s Capitol. At that time, Thera was in New York attending a UN meeting, and from there she went to Washington where she found a large furnished house that was to be available for rent two months from that time. This was the publication date of the fourth Everlasting Gospel and the exact time we had planned to be in D.C. Once again, synchronicity!

Michael and I went to Washington to prepare the house ahead of the others who were to follow with Allen Michael. I had the same feeling of exhilaration when we arrived there as I did when I was eighteen and first arrived in San Francisco, the home of the catalyzing energies of the Flower Children.

The Nation’s Capitol is a beautiful, dynamic city, no doubt a result of the high energies recorded there by the vision of the Founding Fathers of a government of, by and for the people. Theirs was the vision of the new world – the world of life, liberty and the pursuits of happiness for all people, born equal, with free cash flow money as guaranteed in Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 5, “Congress shall have the power to coin [and print] the money and regulate the value thereof.” This is the key plank of the U.S. Constitution, which was to bring freedom from the Old World Bankers and absolute freedom, security and abundance, equally for all. But we can see how that old satanic energy took over entities who brought in private banks and usury money, so that the cornerstone as shown on the one dollar bill wasn’t laid for the New World at that time.

Allen Michael, Michael B., David, Joseph, Jeff and Amra joined us in our big house, a block from Connecticut Avenue near the D.C. Zoo. Very shortly, we became acquainted with the more enlightened people of the community who, we were pleasantly surprised to find, were more receptive to our lifestyle than any other community we had been in previously. The media, however, was more establishment-controlled than we had anticipated and in spite of our many interviews and on-going promotions, we received little press or TV coverage. This, of course shouldn’t be so surprising since the Nation’s Capitol is the “heart of the beast,” the headquarters of the money changers, and we were hitting a little close to home. All things being relative, it was a good experience and more seeds sown. Washington is a beautiful city of high energy, and there was a feeling that reminded me of the Flower Children era in San Francisco, with people becoming aware of the changes that must be made in our society. The hills, the trees, the Potomac River, the historic houses and neighborhoods, the monuments and the large African American community, all add a richness and uniqueness to this special city, and of course, it is the world headquarters of the Luciferic powers-that-be.

The nation’s Capitol has been cited as one of the worst, relative to environmental and social problems. Just as in the other large cities, the negative effects of the system, with the people unable to build and maintain their environments the way they should be, are building to the point of no return. The money system keeps the people from being able to have their public services, roads, streets and buildings built and maintained on one high standard for all, and the homeless fill the streets in growing numbers. It’s the negative prod to progress as antithesis and thesis come up against one another, ultimately to come together into the synthesis – the new world of equality and sharing.

I was attracted to the African/American community, for their warmth and unity of spirit. As a result of the negative effects of the usury money system, they were uniting together to improve their own lives and the lives of their children in ways that are now beginning to happen in more of the middle class white communities. The big mistake many African Americans and other minority groups in this country make, is that they place the responsibility on the “white” race and on the Zionists for their plight as the underprivileged. It’s not only that those of all minority groups are at the bottom of the stack in the usury money getting-for-self world. It’s the money system that’s to blame for bringing about the cause for prejudice in the first place. The inequality and fear of lack are a direct result of the getting-for-self usury money system of haves and have not’s. When the planet’s abundance is shared equally by all as one family, there will be no fear of lack, or its effects, prejudice, greed and jealousy.

In spite of not getting the coverage in the major media we had expected, we sowed a lot of seeds with our books and literature and made many friends. One of them was Barbara Carpenter, who had founded the Network of Light. She had been inspired by the communal experience she had at Findhorn in Scotland and had brought together many harmonious spiritual new age groups to share together in recognizing the truth of One. We participated in the yearly Heart To Heart Festival and enjoyed many communication gatherings with the Network of Light, as we shared our vision of the New World.

After we’d been in D.C. about a year, we felt it was time for our small group to get back to California. My son, Rhys, came out and took over management of our house on Garfield Street, and for the next 14 years he managed it as a group house for university students. Allen Michael and the rest of the crew returned to Stockton, except for my husband, Michael, who chose to remain on the East Coast. I went on to our commune in Maui to spend a few months before returning to California.


Before my trip, I had no particular expectations about the Hawaiian Islands and was pleasantly surprised to find Maui to be a heavenly place, the reason the Hawaiian Islands are called “paradise.” The OWFC had rented two houses, side by side, on Front Street in Lahaina, and I moved into one of them with Joy and her son, Jivan, and when Joy left the Island, I moved in with Elaine in the house next door. Elaine was managing our FarOutfits shop, which was also on Front Street, with the beautiful Pacific Ocean right out our front door. There was a high vibe among the tourists, who were all happy to be in the land of Aloha, and it was an enjoyable experience to sell them our beautiful clothing and gifts from the Islands. I airbrushed shirts for the shop and had a wonderful time becoming familiar with our tropical paradise.

I had been in Maui for about a year when Elaine felt it was time to reestablish on the mainland and I was ready to get back to our communal family. So I helped close up shop and returned to California. I rejoined our group in Stockton, where we continued to produce videos for public access and editing, publishing and promoting the Everlasting Gospel and AllenMichael.

Santa Rosa

In 1993, the two groups of us in Stockton and Sacramento moved to Sonoma County, where some of the former communal family members had relocated. We occupied a house in Windsor and one in Santa Rosa, where we are now. Over the years, for various reasons, members began to go back to separate living in the world of buying and selling, to the point now where there are four of us older members in the Commune. Although we no longer live communally with the many members of our once large group, we still recognize each other as kindred spirits, and we share a bond in the recognition of the truth that Allen Michael channels from Galactica. Since the “Flower Children” days in the Haight/Ashbury, we have watched many spiritual and higher consciousness groups come into vogue, and now, every aspect of the status quo “business-as-usual” lifestyle is being questioned by the New Age youth and young-at-heart. We have observed the growth of the natural food movement, from the time when our little Here And Now restaurant on Scott and Haight Streets was the first vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco, our Mustard Seed, the first in Marin County, then, The One World Family Natural Food Center, the first in Berkeley, and now, even the big food processors are getting in the act. The consciousness has been rising in all areas, leading to the great wake-up to a beautiful free world of sharing and natural living.

In our new world, the Garden of Eden, all environments will be beautiful, with baths, gardens and fruit orchards near lakes and streams, rivers and oceans. As the children grow, they will be with their peer groups, learning from the older children in our creative “Schools of Experience,” growing food and flowers and caring for themselves and their environment. The children’s natural abilities and inspiration will no longer be held back by being fed status quo belief systems that program them to fit in and keep the wheels turning generation after generation for the buying and selling big business system. Everything will be produced according to the highest standard of esthetics, as we provide food, clothing, beautiful environments, care, recreation, transportation, communications, energy and all creative arts for one another.

True happiness comes in sharing together in creative endeavors and in sharing equally the abundance of the planet, freely given so lovingly by Creation. All things will be done in the joy of doing, creating, sharing and serving. Never will any fault be found, nor judgment made, but all will help, love and lift one another according to need and ability. People all over the planet will be living together harmoniously as one family, sharing the joys of all babies and children together, with no concept of possession of person, place or thing, no fear of loss and all needs provided. All people will feel the same loving bond for one another that parents and children feel for one another now, as we recognize that we truly are One.

Our children are all-knowing entities of the Universe and no longer will be restricted and molded into the acceptable status quo cog to fit into the man’s backwards lifestyle and conditioned to go into the military murder factory to be shipped off to kill and be killed. The people have been in a duality consciousness of good and evil, while their higher knowing – their spiritual awareness – lies dormant with walls of words that have been programmed into our computer mind bank to set off feelings of fear of an imaginary enemy, of lack and of death. We can be glad now that this is all ending.

As we look at our planet we see sorrow, anger, pain, destruction and death all around us. These things are not part of Creation Nature. In the evolving consciousness, we have brought about these negative effects ourselves and have become hypnotized to the point of believing that they are all an unavoidable part of life. Now, in the third millennium of our time-keeping system, we are awakening to the very simple truth of it all. The truth is that we indeed are one humanity on a planet of abundance for all to share as one family.

Those of us who have remained close to Allen Michael and pursued publishing, video production and speaking engagements to bring the Everlasting Gospel to the people, are of one mind in the knowledge that Allen Michael was the entity chosen to fulfill the prophecy spoken by Jesus in St. John 14:16, 26 and 16:1-13, the Comforter Spirit of Truth. He is the Galactic Being who was previously incarnated on this planet called Hermes and has brought the Everlasting Gospel, which heralds the coming world transformation. We are part of the symbolic 144,000, the “elect,” here at this time, awakening to our true Being and our role in the coming New World of absolute freedom, security and abundance for all.

When I look back to the sixties, I feel in awe of the change I made in my life, going from a housewife with a husband and four young children in suburbia to a communal Hippie in the Flower Children’s Haight/Ashbury. It was like I had awakened to a colorful dream, filled with music, singing, dancing and laughing children and, of course, the inevitable ups and downs that go with the territory. I knew I had at last found the real thing.

Now I can see that we did as much as we could at the time. With the energies the way they were, had we continued to grow, we would have become a big threat to the establishment and would have brought down a lot of negative energy on ourselves. We had recorded the New World way of life, heaven on earth, and that stage of our mission was recorded in the morphogenetic field, there to spread over the whole planet when the time is right.

We recognize ourselves to be a church in the true meaning of the word – a group of people who have come together to live according to our highest ideals for the betterment of humanity. We are channels, just as those who are channels of the arts, computer science and technology and those entities who channeled the Scriptures in the many holy books of the world, the true meanings of which have been perverted and misconstrued by mortal mind – a consciousness in duality, subjugated to materiality.

The marvel of it all is that right here in our midst has been the Being all the world prophets down thru the ages have told would come. In this incarnation, the reason this entity has been called Allen Michael, is because he channels the Archangel Michael energies of the Galaxy and is fulfilling the prophecy of “Michael’s stand,” Dan. 12. Allen Michael reveals the truth of prophecy and the many things that haven’t been revealed before about this planet and this solar system. For those who are ready, it rings as clear as a bell.

Allen Michael passed away at age 93 in 2010, leaving four of us, Jeff, Michael, Barry and I, together in a large house. Joseph, his wife, Tera, and sons, Timothy and Luke, live separately here in Santa Rosa. Beldon, our dome builder, comes and goes and is ever present. David has been living in 29 Palms for several years, where he promotes Allen Michael and the EG.
Built with Joseph’s great assistance, we continue to operate and update our main website, the Galactic Messenger Network — so beautifully created and maintained by Dale “Deej” Lafayette of AME Studios, an extended member from our Berkeley and Stockton days.

Now, as the consciousness rises, there is a proliferation of books and teachers of higher awareness coming forth. The greater truth is being revealed in words and deeds in so many areas all over the planet, at the same time, the negative effects in wars, starvation, disease, death and planetary catastrophes are increasing. As the energies rise to come into the synthesis, enough people will recognize the truth and be able to balance out those who are taken over by paranoia and fear of change.

It’s the end of the usury money system and all of its negative effects, war, crime, disease, poverty and planetary catastrophes, the negative feedback (satan’s pitchfork) that has been necessary for the transcendence of consciousness back into one for all and all for one. The recognition is rapidly growing, with the tremendous rise in consciousness that began back in the high energy days of the 60’s and increasing with the building negative effects all over the world. The truth Allen Michael has brought to the prophecy in the Bible is becoming more and more evident for all to see.

Our mission as Galactic channels is being accomplished as people come into the knowing of who they really are and that the joy in life is in sharing, serving, creating our needs for one another and playing together as one family of Beings. We live on a beautiful planet that is abundantly rich in all things that are freely provided by Creation Universe. Everything happens in its own time in this synchronistic Universe that’s without time, and everything is happening in the Now for the perfect. “Our Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven (Creation’s Universe).”•

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This was great reading. I lived in Lahaina in 75 and loved the Cafe Paradise. The tables were set within a bunch of banana trees. All the hippies in Lahaina ate there. I still use the One World Cook Book. It was while using it that I got interested and checked out where you guys were. It was fun to read this story about the group.

So happy to have assisted with the update, Del. Quite a read indeed!

  • Joseph

Bravo! Del, you really nailed it right on the head. My honor to have shared so much of it with you, Allen Michael and everyone. What an unbelievable crew, what a life!! An abundance of creative talent and energy in revolutionary service to a new world. And what a channeling, from the EG down thru the daily details, ETI is omnipresent with us and in us.

Thank you God, we are ever grateful. Love is service done

Aloha Del,
Thanks so much for your article and especially the pictures. It was great to see the restaurants and family (where are they now?) and even my pizza poster! Please post more and keep up the good work. I would be happy to know the family listened to my daily radio show 10 to 2PM ( Maui time ) Monday thru Friday on A lot of great music (non-commercial) with a few positive ideas mixed in. On the fly with an I phone etc. download the app tunein radio. Keep it UP, Bill Best

  • Nick Oliver

Dear Del,

Remember me ? … brother of Chip ( black and silver ) . Early days … Berkeley, Larkspur. That aside … I read your article. Truly fabulous. You have an amazing memory, just like me. I’ll never forget your tan face and salt and pepper ponytail. I posted my email address in the required field, but I’ll post it here just in case you don’t receive it : That’s h2o, as in water, that’s an “o”, not a zero. Del, just one rule I have … nothing impersonal, like ecards or groupthink, etc…. gotta be you, and you only. If you’d like to send an email to Chip, his email is Until then, Love, Nick

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