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CONTACT WITH GALACTICA: Communications from the God-Force of Extra-Territorial Intelligence – the Universal Mind and Its Galactic Space Beings. A controlled letdown of human karma leading to World Transformation is underway, offsetting WWIII Armageddon, bringing a healed new world into being blessing all people, all life. Full Contact with our benevolent Galactic Civilization leads us directly into a utopian space age paradise.


Joseph Antaree

ETI Contactee, Telepathic Channel
GMN Editor and Member of the One World Family Communal Demonstration since 1974.

Contact With Galactica Series:

CWG 188: Natural Healing – Part 2
The Cause of Dysfunction in the Body

CWG 187: Natural Healing
Return to natural living heals the world

CWG 186: The False New World Order
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

ETI Hotline Series:

ETI Hotline — Edition 2
The New Covenant/World Bill of Rights, spiritual context for a utopian new world of autonomous self-government…

ETI Hotline — Edition 3
Part 1: Ending The Money Racket

Part 2: Getting Down To The Heart Of The Matter

Bonus AudioGalactic History, Pt.1
This world is a carlanon planet, created to redeem spaced out soul-microcosms…