Placentia, Planet of Plenty and Rebirth

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PLP art by JK

The following communication is from the Everlasting Gospel, channeled by Allen Michael (Book 1: Chapter 4).

In Revelation 14:1-6, John of Patmos tells about the 144,000. These are some two million volunteers from our Immaculaceptor Galaxy Headquarters, Altamedia and Altamira, orbiting about the Great Central Sun, where they build, levitate and teleport great spaceships all over the Galaxy and the Universe, and they are sending many now to the new Placentia.

This planet has a new name, Placentia, meaning planet of plenty and rebirth for everyone. We can now drop out of the past, drop out of all the old history and old science, none of which would do us any good in our new Placentia.

The Kingdom of God is a utopian eternal adventure, and it functions with blissfulness. This real Spiritual Order of the Comforter’s loving teachings brings about a nonviolent “World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise” that ends this old satanic world, which has all been under money atonement. Now we will stop using money and make all things free. We will end work as we have known it, and start real sharing and creativity.

The secular family, as we have known it, will end, and the extended communal family of humanity takes its place. Microcosms will be recognized as autonomous beings who have their own body instead of having a mommy and daddy who don’t even know they are souls reincarnated from past lifetimes. Every soul incarnating into a body will have their full rights of life guaranteed to them from birth.

There has been no real death all along! We are eternal souls, not the bodies. Those of mortal mind think they are a body that dies, and a resurrection day will come when their soul is resurrected, judged out of the book of life, and if found guilty of sin, cast into the lake of fire (Revelation 20:14-15), there to burn in eternal hell. This is satanism in the Bible. Spirit God helps souls correct their erring ways, but never judges or punishes them!

Neither is there a man-God. Actual God-the-Universe of living Spirit is real, Infinite and from Everlasting to Everlasting.

So come out of the old dying earth, and come back to life to greet our Galactic comrades. We will heal this world of all negative effects and bring a space age paradise into being. We will start great seminars in cities all over the world to initiate Omni God’s World Master Plan to restore Its Kingdom here in ways that are all beautiful and fun! No more military action. No more evil prisons. No more slums. In fact, no more money. None of it will be of any use in our new world system of free giving and receiving.

As we get these great free seminars under way, all the souls in body vehicles will come to experience life in the KOG. Souls will incarnate into bodies and never leave them until they are redeemed out of this solar system. Death, as it has been known here, will be overcome. In this, Omni God’s way of doing things isn’t to sell tickets and make money. Rather, Its perfect ways are to bring souls in body vehicles back into Its Kingdom. We will still be using money until the great World Wide Work Stoppage/Karma Yoga Exercise ends the use of money, and God has appointed the six billionaires whose mission is to start Its seminars in the luxury hotels all over the world.

In the new world everyone is brought into the millionaire class, so to speak, where each person receives far more than money can buy, and they re-enter life in eternity from which they have fallen.

The people start carrying out their real missions in a new life which is all utopian, giving and receiving with one another. So then, everyone will start using the excess money they have now toward the transformation of the whole planet. The planet in the new world will be organized into twelve districts, which everyone will start rotating through every 60 days, from one district to another.

The coming of computer electronics and the Internet are integral parts of the new autonomous World Computer Government, which is a self-government of, by and for the people. They herald the end of the old dying world of buying and selling, and everyone enters the new world of absolute freedom, security and abundance, living as a great One World Family Commune.

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