Pyramid Temple Cities


Art by Joe Kinnee

Life In Paradise

The whole social, physical and spiritual environment of the Pyramid Temple Cities was tailor made to assist the entities being healed. All was perfect in every way: Beautiful living quarters, all communal, where groups of beings on vibration would live together in housing complexes, which they decorated, kept clean and maintained themselves. Long-standing soul relationships with other beings they had known before the solar catastrophe automatically returned in their life as the entities came into bodies.

The biological environment was equally perfect, with beautiful parks and wholely organic, natural foods grown in magnificent gardens and orchards, pure water, fresh clean air, abundant sunlight. Meals were all prepared and served in beautiful central dining complexes, all gourmet and all vegetarian. Every soul in a body was integrated into the society: that is, they had vital creative endeavors to attend to every day, along with adequate rest and relaxation. Every evening there were events to attend or perform in if one wished, such as music, dance and theater.

There was also the tantric yoga love spa to attend by all people, with partners on vibration; and the birthing palace was a place where women could give birth in a comfortable, natural environment.

All care needs were met with highly trained healers who worked with them on all levels of their consciousness, keeping their bodies balanced and fit, assisting them with processing their mental and emotional imbalances, and keeping the energy open for the highest spiritual contact in Christ consciousness – to be accessed easily with simple breathing and meditation techniques.

There was also space transportation between the Emerald cities, and people were free to travel around the planet once they had achieved a degree of healing that allowed it. All the energy needs were provided from Dynadran energy units, which is also what drive causation space ships. The Dynadran energy system radiates unlimited free energy, because it is drawn directly from the electromagnetic field itself.

People’s sexual needs were fulfilled in the wonderful love spas, where one could engage in high, conscious tantric sexual union with members of the opposite sex, exchanging fluids, hormones and spiritual energies that kept the bodies healthy and spirits loving and light. When women became pregnant through their own choice, suspending their mental birth control, they were attended to in the Birthing Palace, where the child could be born in peace, wholistically, without any undue stress or complications.

Once their aura was healed and their consciousness resynthesized in the Christ spirit, the entities could regain eternal life in the normal Universe, able once again to inhabit an eternal body and return to Galactica.

Isn’t Omni God wonderful!

These magnificent Emerald Cities existed here for over 400,000 years. During that period some 16 billion entities were redeemed back into normal Universe.

However, some 8 billion entities were not able to ground themselves properly in the bodies well enough to stay present in the communal projects.

These beings began to wander off, away from the cities, and were faced with having to survive out in raw nature, in 3-D consciousness. They began to form tribes of bodies all over the planet. Unfortunately, the harsh conditions and strange way of living, along with their damaged auras, set off a process of devolution in the bodies.

Eventually, all the beings who could be redeemed through the Pyramid Temple Cities had been processed. The Eden Period came to an end then, some 20,000 years ago, and the present Deluvian Period began.

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