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CommentSeptember 26th, 2014 16:32

Lady of the Lake


Now God’s Spirit is being poured out on all flesh. Galactic Beings in Mind-over-matter Causation Space Ships are directing high cosmic energy emanating from great Quasars into the planet’s aura, resurrecting all Life. Of necessity this is driving all latent negativity and satanic force to the surface in society, the environment and in the bodies, minds and souls of the people. Rough sledding, to put it mildly. And it is a controlled letdown of earth people’s karma, the prophesied tribulation period that precedes planetary spiritual rebirth into a New World.

All Creation is a living Hologram, where the whole is in every part. Every atom to every galaxy is a multidimensional Idea in the Mind of God: intelligent Superconscious Love-Energy vibrating in the centers of all atoms, creating Life in all its glory!

Simultaneously, God-Macrocosm IS the Spirit of Truth in us, our very soul in reality. We are Its spiritual microcosms, and IT acts thru us as Conscious Intelligence when we are in service with Its Divine Purpose.

What is this Purpose? To Unite all life on this world, bringing us out of war, crime, disease and poverty into Its Real kingdom, which already exists as the totality of Galactica, our eternal Civilization. Absolute freedom, security and abundance for all souls, no one left out. Perfect equality. Autonomous Self-government, guided by living God Intelligence operating creatively thru all souls in bodies.

To bring this into Being, God-the-Universe has channeled Its prophesied Everlasting Gospel thru The Comforter, Allen Michael, and thru all the members and first cause love services of the One World Family Commune; reprogramming the Akashic Records of this world with Ultimate, Absolute Truth, which is Universal Christ Consciousness. The “2nd Coming” is Christ Spirit awakening in ALL souls.

Recoding the morphic resonance of formative causation with the consciousness of Sharing The World has opened a 3rd circuit of awareness in human beings, awareness that is Synthesis Oneness, beyond all duality, “One for all, all for one.”

The cosmic resonance of the Everlasting Gospel in the planet’s aura keeps life in balance as this great Transformation takes place as we move from a secular society to a unified, transcendent social-economic state. The essence of our new society is found in the seven profound precepts of the New Covenant/World Bill of Rights, which was channeled by Allen Michael right after his cosmic initiation in 1947. No money used, holding all things common, making free distribution according to need. Everyone participating in the production of the peoples needs, and receiving all their needs in return. Free giving and receiving is the real economy of Galactica, and we are joining their perfect system!

Stay Tuned! God is Large and in charge.

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