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Love Is Service Done

Dear Friends,

Lately, we have been talking a lot about “chopping wood and carrying water,” ie service on the material plane, and what makes a difference right now, this moment.

Our energy and service today, each day, every day, is what makes a difference in helping the Universe to carry out the transformation. We know the key to all this is in one simple, profound idea: “sharing.”

The breakthrough is in people uniting to share in creating the necessities of life: providing food, clothing, shelter, care, recreation, transportation, communications and utility energies to one and all. This is what World Wide Work Stoppage brings. So, to whatever degree we can do this now, is all to the better, planetarily speaking.

Becoming communal with family and friends is a big step. This means surrendering the traditional roles of ‘Father knows best’, etc. It means operating as souls, who are all equal before God. This doesn’t mean we don’t have different abilities, because we do. It means leading by wisdom and true personality (being in touch with the spirit), not by authority. This is a big part of the shift into the new world.

It means everyone being willing to do basic things: cooking, cleaning, gardening, dishes, shopping, mowing the lawn, taking out the garbage, changing babies, etc., as well as more highly creative things. The same metaphor applies to an industrial enterprise. No more bosses. No more leaden bureaucracy. This is the rock bottom essence of communalism, and when it’s all working in sync, life is pure joy!

So, if anyone wants to know what WWWS/KYE is, and how to give it energy, sharing is the basis of it all.

But there’s more. Right now, the biggest difference can be made just by talking about a new, communal world being born, one which is one for all, all for one. Real equality. The words need to be spoken out loud, or written in clear language, to put it into causation.

Speaking and acting in causation is an exercise in learning to balance the polarities of your mind, yin and yang, and discovering how to speak the Synthesis energies emerging out of your center, magically. It’s also an exercise in balancing planetary karma/energies to speak and serve in the Universe’s First Cause of love as service done for all humanity, without giving thought to the reward.

— Joseph Antaree, Editor


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