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Share The World – Internet Media is a service of the One World Family Commune to the planet’s people in the cause of world transformation and enlightenment; an open communication with ETI, Extra Territorial Intelligence. Our stand is: Food, clothing, shelter, care, all needs provided for everyone in a spiritual new world economy of free giving and receiving that doesn’t use money. We can all share the world!

Hosted by Joseph Antaree

Share The World #7

Share The World #6

Share The World #5

      1. Share The World - 04

September 11th, 2009 – The Grand Order of Deuteronomy is real: 20 min.

      2. Share The World - 03

August 7th, 2009 – Galactic Life in eternity: 17 min.

      3. Share The World - 01

July 16th, 2009 – The God Force is awakening in us: 18 min.


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