Share The World – A Communal Life

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Share The World
By Joseph Antaree

What follows is an account of my life (so far) in the One World Family Commune. My story relates to the commune in terms of what we are about, the ideas of this social experience, and how it all relates to contact with Galactica, our eternal civilization, and the flowering of the human spirit.

At the point where I joined the commune, it had been happening for eight years, moving from SF to Marin county, and then to Berkeley. In each location our restaurants were the principal public service we engaged in, opening the first vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco, Mill Valley and Berkeley. We were pioneers of a whole new way of life, spiritual revolutionaries to the core. Dedicated to building a righteous world of absolute freedom, security and abundance for all.

Cover Art by Sheilah Renaud

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Joseph, you are an incredibly talented writer — I look forward to more tales of your cosmic adventures!

  • Joseph
  • Diana

This is cool!

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