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Starmast Multimedia

Starmast Publications & Multimedia maintains the Galactic Messenger Network.

Our primary purpose is publishing and distributing the books of The Everlasting Gospel, as well as producing the Galactic Messenger, One World Family, and Contact With Galactica TV and i-radio shows.

We know the channeling of the Everlasting Gospel is the direct, real contact with Galactic Intelligence that earth’s people have awaited for thousands of years. People want proof of ETI. The supernal truth-reality of the Everlasting Gospel is the ultimate proof. Now, we have the Galactic Messenger Network.

It is our joy to bring this message of world spiritual enlightenment and transformation to the planet’s people. We know the stream-of-consciousness in the Everlasting Gospel is God’s Spirit of truth, bringing all things to our remembrance as we awaken in all-knowing reality, to receive the new, eternal heart, mind and courage that comes to all souls now.

Our service as a creative communal experience spans the last 40 years. This encompasses over a quarter million pages of channelings brought forth by Allen Michael in the Everlasting Gospel; which have been published in 5 books; presented on over 1000 television shows produced over the last 20 years; 10 years of Galactic Messenger newsletters; and 12 years of presenting this message right here in this web site, visited by about 3 thousand visitors a month presently, with a new internet radio show; also innumerable public appearances and TV/radio interviews by Allen Michael and others; and many thousands of one-to-one channeling sessions, inspiring people of all ages.

And the mission is not over!

Starmast is a creative facet of the One World Family Commune, which itself is under the umbrella of the Universal Industrial Church of the New World Comforter. 2007 marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of the One World Family Commune by Allen Michael.

Check out the Galactic Messenger Media Center for books, TV, radio and slide show channelings from ETI – Extra Territorial Intelligence!

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