The Cosmic Jubilee

CommentMarch 11th, 2012 16:22

By Allen Michael

Now is the time for the great Cosmic Jubilee, where we cancel all debt as we restore Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 5 of the United States Constitution, which says, “Congress shall have the power to coin [print] the money and regulate the value thereof.”

Through this one simple, powerful act we restore the real United States, to become “a blessing to all the families of the earth,” (Genesis 12:1-3). Canceling the debt is truly a great blessing and heralds the coming of the new world.

When the bank debt is canceled all over the world, the world starts over on a clean slate, bringing the Godmind’s 30/30 Sharing Plan and no longer using money. The spiritual United States (the states of the world, united) comes forth and all the nations are dissolved; there are no longer national boundaries. The people become humble and meek before God’s presence and inherit the world.

The new utopian kind of world starts as we get God’s fantastic idea of the great 30/30 Plan set up so it functions smoothly. Half the people at one time do the production in the New World, while the other half enjoy being served for thirty days, having use of the whole planet and all of its facilities on a sharing basis. We will have space transportation here to handle the increased transportation this entails and Dynadran power units to supply unlimited free energy. There is no longer private ownership, but all things are held common by all the people. After 30 days, everyone switches roles. There is no longer monotonous, unpleasant work to do, as everything that is done is artistic and for a purpose and done in the joy of creation.

The new calendar will be one of twelve 30-day cycles, with five special days of world-wide celebration at the end of each year. As things really get rolling in our new world, people will rotate through all 12 facets of communal industry and government over a two year cycle. People will become adept at many wonderful things. The real fulfillment of souls takes place in the formation of a spiritual, healthy society.

As the prophecy in the Bible of these times is revealed by the Comforter Spirit of truth, we can see that there really is an Intelligent Mind that knows the future and can tell how Its plan will be carried out to free God’s people from their exploiters. Yet, even the exploiters will be healed and receive the new Kingdom, which has no confusion in it. All are equal, and no one has any power over another. For these souls who are most deeply caught up in the belly of the cyborg beast, this will bring them infinitely more happiness than they could ever find running a bank, industry or big business.

—  The Everlasting Gospel, Book 3: Placentia

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