The Everlasting Gospel: Introduction

CommentMay 29th, 2008 20:34

Dear friends, what follows is the beginning to the latest book of the prophesied Everlasting Gospel channelings, brought to heal the world through Allen Michael, the Comforter Spirit of Truth. You can read the complete channeling in our Pdf Viewer or listen to an audio recording of this Introduction in our Media Center. Check the menu in GMN Radio.

Introduction to the Everlasting Gospel:

You are reading the New World Bible, which comes from the telepathic Creation Universe we are in – and not from a man-God up in heaven on a throne. The Christian Bible is synthesized in this New World Bible, with its Key to the Scriptures revealing the truth of Biblical prophecy, and it gives Spirit God’s plan for ending the old world and bringing in Its New World for all people.

Here is truth: This planet is a special healing planet, and it is in a ruined solar system. This is the reason why the earth is a mixed-up planet of such things as devilish money games and ignorant politicians, who know very little about true life in the Universe, which is Utopian, and of blissful thought.

Everything is free, and there is no war, crime, disease, poverty, or death in normal Universe. So why are these mortal things here, and why is money still used on Earth? (More . . .)

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