The Everlasting Gospel


The Everlasting Gospel

Channeled from the Universal Mind
by Allen Michael

The Everlasting Gospel is prophesied to come in Revelation 14:6. It’s here now, in print. Its high message heralds the total transformation of this world into a utopian Space Age Paradise.

The Everlasting Gospel brings a spiritual synthesis to the Bible, giving humanity a master plan that brings absolute freedom, security and abundance to everyone on the planet.

Allen Michael is the channel of this new Scripture, coming from the Universal Mind of cosmic intelligence. His presence here fulfills the role of the Comforter, to bring all things to our remembrance. Read these fascinating channelings from a true, clairvoyant, telepathic, spiritual master from Galactica.

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The Everlasting Gospel is a miraculous book! It contains deep Spiritual Realization, with the energy and consciousness to transform the whole world. It covers spiritual, social, economic, political, psychological and metaphysical territory in profound, ground breaking manner.

This book is radiantly powerful in God-Spirit, expansive in vision, and transformative to the whole world. Here is a quote:

As we see, there have been two books in the Bible. There is the book of literal stories, and there is the book of spiritual teachings. Now there is this new book given to the people by Spirit God, called the Everlasting Gospel in Revelations 14:6, and also referred to as the Little Book in Revelations 10:1-10, which comes forth at this time revealing the key Bible prophecy which has been ‘sealed up until this time of the end.’

Without this Everlasting Gospel, the Bible has no plan for these times as far as the actual building of the Kingdom here. The Universal Mind of Cosmic Intelligence has arranged it so the transcendental plan would come now in this channeling.

It is just the old world system of things that is ending, not the physical world as some have believed, and it doesn’t end through hellfire and brimstone. The spiritual social plan laid before you in this channeling contains the ways and means for transforming the whole world into a space age paradise without spilling a single drop of blood. No one loses anything, and everyone gains everything of their greatest dreams.

The delivery is at hand, and the time of trouble is being kept to a minimum thru the rebalancing PSI synthesis energies channeled in here now by Galactic Beings, the Elohim, who Spirit God has sent here on a special mission, which began long ago, and fulfills the Kingdom of God mission right now.

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