The Great World Celebration

CommentOctober 26th, 2015 17:48

GWCcoverThis communication is channeled from the Universal Mind of Cosmic Intelligence. It speaks to the enlightened world transformation that takes place as a result of full contact with Galactica — our paradise civilization that exists everywhere throughout the eternal Universe. The karmic cleansing now taking place all over the planet is the necessary prelude to this Event. In one day galactic spaceships will appear worldwide announcing their presence, and benevolent ETI space beings will come in on world television. A Great World Celebration will ensue . . . !

Together – that is all human beings, ETI galactic space beings and God It Self – we are going to unite and carry out a Great World Celebration that “Stops The World,” and start over on a clean slate. This Great World Celebration transforms the whole world without spilling a drop of blood. We simply unite the people, all the people, to bring the old world system of negative effects to a peaceful end and begin creating the perfect system that takes its place, which serves all people as equals; a system in harmony and balance with Nature that is of Spirit God’s First Cause: which is love as service done for all humanity, one for all, all for one. No one left out.

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