The New Geometry: Adventures in Polyhedra

CommentMay 19th, 2009 01:53

From our inception, the One World Family Commune has been a do-it-ourself experience. So too in the realm of practical geometry, where Beldon Gelff has taken the theoretical ideas of R. Buckminster Fuller, specifically his work on geodesic domes, and turned them into a myriad number of useful applications.

Beldon, along with others in the commune, have constructed all manner of domes over the last 4 decades, used as housing, greenhouses, saunas, studios, cafe’s, chicken coops, storage sheds, and play structures, to name a few. In most cases they were built from recycled lumber at a cost of next to nothing; $100 to build an icosahedron greenhouse, for example, because all the labor was supplied freely by us.

In 1968 Beldon first published “The New Geometry: Adventures in Polyhedra” as an educational tool, for anyone to gain the basic knowledge needed to build and use domes.

Here is the link to The New Geometry, a 12 page PDF file.

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