The One World Family Commune – by Allen Michael

CommentJuly 18th, 2015 15:28

In the One World Family Commune, in our pilot model community and Uni-government, we have taken the present environment and molded it to our spiritual consciousness, to be right-on with the omnipresent Universal Mind broadcasting to us via the energies of the electromagnetic field about us.

To mortal eyes our houses in Berkeley look just like other houses, our natural food restaurant looks just like other restaurants, and many people visiting our commune would go away saying: “Well, what’s so different about that? They buy and sell like anyone else. They eat, sleep, shower, dress, etc., like anyone does.” Those who can see only with mortal eyes cannot tune in to the vibrations thru which we do what we do. How did we get tuned in to the high PSI synthesis energies of time-light force, the high energies that protect us from being confused in the earth’s negated aura? It is all done for us, by our first knowing the truth, and then by our setting up a natural discipline to live by the truth.

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