The Pyramid Temple Communities

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Pyramid Temple City

During the 400,000 year Galactic period, twelve Pyramid Temple Communities were spaced around the planet in the warm balmy climates, each initially colonized with about a hundred thousand male and female bodies. The bodies were cloned by the Galactic Elohim in body-growing novas on board their great mind-over-matter causation spaceships.

The Egyptian Pyramid Temple Communities were the main project of Hermes. The three large pyramids there are aligned with the planet’s energy grid, so that the Universal Christ energies and consciousness of the Universal Mind in these cities would begin to flow out around the belt of the planet through its etheric energy grid (known as ley lines), infusing the eleven other communities with life force. The Pyramid Temple Communities were all built of stone that could be charged with gamma laser force. This was done so there would be an intelligent life force and aura surrounding the project, and so the souls in bodies could record their works in the collective consciousness. This great network of God’s spirit around the planet was all coming in through streams of energies emanating from neighboring solar systems, which can be seen as the aurora borealis and aurora australis, also called the Northern Lights and Southern Lights. During the Galactic period, some sixteen billion souls were redeemed. This left about 8 billion souls on the planet and in its Heavenly Abode, still to be redeemed.

Billions of solar systems grow in the ethereal plasmic field of new galaxies, with their planets, moons and suns. The planets are hollow spheres with large openings to the inside at their poles, corresponding to their size. All the planets and moons have an electric light to light up the inside, which we could call a smaller sun. Life normally exists on the inside of planets. However, in this solar system, named Plentoria on ETI star maps, the inside habitats were ruined when the solar system short-circuited between its proton and electron poles, and semi-molten lava floated out into the openings, closing them off.

Omni God stopped the full dematerialization of this solar system before it could go on into the lake of fire, as told of in Revelation 20:14-15. Omni God then sent the Galactic Elohim to this ruined solar system, and through them It cultivated the outside of this planet to support life, where souls could be redeemed, with a specially created Heavenly Abode of ethereal plasma to keep Its souls in between incarnations. Omni God works directly with the Galactic Elohim, who have the psychic power of ETI – Extra-Territorial Intelligence – in words that sound in space, to supply the living consciousness that helps nature to create the things that make life possible on the outside of this planet. This was necessary after the Solar Catastrophe, when Spirit God’s consciousness (PSI gamma energy) was completely baked out of the auras of all the planets and moons. So Creation set up special bases on the outside of this planet where there would be God consciousness to animate body and soul.

This planet, like all others, is hollow beneath its mantle. All matter in space is weightless and is regulated by the balanced alpha, beta and gamma light rays.

This planet is called a Carlanon planet, one that has been made green on the outside to support life. This was all done by Galactic space technology. Galactica has all the science there is, up through the 12th dimension, which is the complete Life Science of the Universe.

Galactica created the Giza pyramids for the purpose of bringing God consciousness back into the planet’s aura. The Galactic Elohim built three large pyramids at Giza, and oriented them with the circulating energies which come into planets, circulated by the sun. They are reciprocating energies and are not used up to run a solar system. In all, twelve Pyramid Temple Communities were built around the planet’s equatorial zone to enable the entities being healed here to live in bodies within a perfect communal environment while they processed the karma they took on in the Solar Catastrophe. This went on for about 400 thousand years. Sixteen billion entities were redeemed back into eternity during this period.

However, many souls in bodies began to stray away from the Pyramid Temple Communities out into the world of animals and nature, where there was no humanizing God consciousness in the space territory, because the God consciousness, which souls in bodies need, had been baked out of the solar aura from the cherry red atomic heat that affected all the planets and moons. The Pyramid Temple Communities of the Galactic project had a special aura surrounding them, which sustained all souls in bodies in higher consciousness, from whence their healing came.

On a Carlanon planet like this one, material science would start with numbers, weights and measures, as they try to learn the truth about the ice age, dinosaur age and Neanderthal race of bodies, which are connected to what they call evolution. Yet they would understand nothing of the higher source of it all until they could see the role the Galactic Elohim have played in this solar system.

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