The Synthesis Party Platform

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The Synthesis Party Platform:

Note: Allen Michael twice ran for U.S. President on this platform.

The Synthesis Party is a political movement to activate total world transformation, ending all politics and business-as-usual in a perfect way that blesses all people.

Carrying out this great program will rebuild our social environment, end the food and health crisis and rebalance the planetary biosphere.

The Synthesis Party has no formal organization, members or leaders. It exists fully in the consciousness and actions of those people who support its principles.

1. Organize and carry out a great, nonviolent World Wide Work Stoppage and Buyers Strike as a World Wide Passive Resistance Action, keeping only the necessary services and supplies rolling, while bringing an end to all superfluous business, industries, government, and social systems that serve no real need; and begin to set up a system of world wide sharing, where all people are equal.

2. Disarm the whole planet by uniting the soldiers and police forces of the world as a great peace corps of Universal Soldiers, who will no longer fight for any political powers. With full cooperation of the people, this great union of soldiers and police will bring about total, peaceful world disarmament and eradication of all war machinery.

3. Pursue every legal means to bring forth a free cash flow money system, printed by the U.S. Government according to Article 1, Section 8, paragraph 5 of the U.S. Constitution, and distributed through Congress. This will end all control over the money system by the privately owned Federal Reserve Board. It will end all debt, taxation and interest on borrowed money, plus eliminate inflation, deflation, recession and unemployment worldwide.

4. Use our new free cash flow money to finance the building of a completely new social order based on “holding all things common and making free distribution according to need,” bringing absolute freedom, security and abundance to all people. This will begin phasing out the money system altogether. All the people’s needs of food, clothing, shelter, care, recreation, transportation, communications and utilities will be created and supplied on a free, sharing basis.

5. Create a real, autonomous, computerized, self-governing social system of free giving and receiving, based on the principles given in the New Covenant/World Bill of Rights (See below). The Internet is the tool used to bring this into being.

6. Institute a great 30/30 Plan, wherein people rotate between 30 days of serving to create our basic needs and 30 days of recreation, having free use of all public facilities on a sharing basis. All people become equal shareholders and workers in a planetary network of communal free enterprise, a great One World Company.

7. Abolish the Judiciary-Penal system, and replace it with a healing care program that helps, loves and lifts all people regardless of what they have done.

8. Transform the education system to bring all students into hands-on service and creativity through schools of experience in the “University of the Universe.”

THE NEW COVENANT — World Bill of Rights

Let each of us share all the world, the Kingdom of God,
and call one place of our choosing our own, and be free to
come and go in the world and stay at any dwelling place
accommodating travelers.

Let each of us give to the extent of our abilities to the
One World Company, and in return all things shall be added
unto us.

Let each of us be judged only by our conscience in God, and
let no person take judgement of their fellow beings, but
rather take judgement of their own thought and action.

Let no person or group hold any authority over another,
except that people be willingly led by wisdom and true

Let the government be of the people, where the people are
self-governed; by the people, where the people enjoy perfect
freedom; for the people, where the people give themselves
abundant living.

Let the government seat be only the storehouse and
inventory of the people’s products.

Let all things be done unto edification, for God is not
the author of confusion.

– Channeled by Allen Michael

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