The Veggi World Coloring Book

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Its Here . . . The Veggi World Coloring Book!

Written and Illustrated by Sheilah Renaud

Nutrition is a family affair! Learn what fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and grains DO for our bodies. This coloring book is designed for multi-level learning — using pictorial symbols for the littlest children, and text for older kids and adults, that describe specifically how foods affect our bodies. Our intention is to underscore the importance of natural foods in relationship to the harmonious function of the body, in a FUN, easy to read way. We hope to stimulate conversation within families and encourage wise, healthy eating habits.

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About The Author…

From 1971-2004 I lived in various off-shoots of the One World Family communal demonstration, learning about natural foods and serving in a variety of communally run restaurants. My first experience with the OWF was in Berkeley, where Robert Crumb and other fantastic cartoonists influenced my art style. Allen Michael, the founder of the OWF, helped me to see life beyond the mundane… stretching from our cosmic origins to simply serving as one planetary family. An accomplished artist himself, he opened me up to an enchanting purity and lightness within form and color.

During the 1980′s, a branch of the OWF taught natural foods classes to K-5th graders in Marin County, CA. The Children’s Channel, a non-profit, was created. As part of our program teaching hands-on natural food prep to kids, we developed teaching aids, posters, stories, recipes and information handouts. From that was later born The Veggi World Coloring Book — resurrected, edited and developed for general publication 2008-2011. –Sheilah Renaud

“This book is a valuable tool for introducing children to the healing effects of raw fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables contain important healing substances called phytonutrients, which have been found in scientific studies to reduce the rates of almost all chronic diseases. Whole plant foods are high in fiber, low in saturated fat and packed full of vitamins and minerals. By introducing these foods to children at any early age, Sheilah Renaud is performing a powerful service by providing children with the best chances of a disease free life ahead. When B12 supplementation and adequate sources of protein and omega 3 fatty acids are included, the plant-based diet provides a solid nutritional foundation for children to have a long and prosperous life.”

Dr Sandeep Gupta — MBBSFACNEM, AU

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  • Joseph

I love this!

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