The Way Of The Synthesis

CommentMarch 6th, 2012 17:30

Out of this economic crisis, an opportunity rises.

In which we discover that “one for all, all for one” is the synthesized, real way out of the collapsing status quo; as we make the evolutionary quantum leap in consciousness by creating a spiritual social and economic system built on living, sustaining values.

Now is the moment in which the golden rule becomes the way of life that is real; creating a whole new planetary culture that blesses everyone.

A synthesis economic system is purely communal in nature; where all money, land and industries are held common, and distribution is made according to need. All people having their real needs met thru a system of free giving and receiving.

In the present time of deep economic challenges, people can begin to communalize their life in numerous creative ways. With the collective experience gained over 40 years of communal living, we of the One World Family Commune would like to offer a few ideas:

First off, be you single or in a family, make whatever effort it takes to connect and bond with your nuclear, your spiritual, and your extended family; make a commitment together to share your money and resources, housing, cars, etc. Unite together to both care for one another, and actually build creative service industries that supply real needs to people. Offer and accept forgiveness for all past wrongs, so you can get on with what’s important. Treat all as equals, children included.

Form a family council, and use it with wisdom, which is all about caring for one another in providing the necessities of life. Support one another unconditionally to ride thru the waves of change. This is far from over.

You wanted a revolution, right?! This is it. We’re building it together by peacefully creating the living ideas that replace the dead past. Real peace is something you build on a daily basis; this means creating an organized shift schedule for the production and supply of services needed: food, clothing, housing, health care, recreation and entertainment, transportation, communication, utility energies. The shift schedule is created as part of family meetings, weekly or monthly.

It means creating a bank account that is funded and managed for the collective well being.

Above all, serve one another unconditionally. Have fun in the process!

Reduce your involvement and dependency on the status quo. How far you can go is up to your own conscience in God. And how deeply you’re embedded and indebted to the system. Sticking it out with a job, for instance because it’s putting bread on the table, is about playing a right hand, left hand game; where your right hand is doing the job, while your left hand is communalizing your family, community and the world.

Depending on your spiritual strength, if you have them, you might cash out insurance policies, 401K accounts, sell stocks and bonds; use the resources (clear your debt if you can) right now to build a life of right-use-ness. This may very well involve some new creative industry for you, your family and friends. Pool your capital, and use it well. Unconditional, wise service is the key that unlocks the door to eternal freedom, security and abundance.

Here is where the wisdom of the family circle is invaluable: making conscious, centered decisions and following it up with selfless service in action. “One for all, all for one” synthesis consciousness will guide you infallibly. This means calling on higher guidance, and listening intuitively for that guidance to come in all the ways it does. It also means operating thru synthesized consensus agreements.

The next step, once your group is grounded, is to network. Locally and globally. Create citizens councils to organize your community. Use the same principles involving family organizing. Open a bank account, donate to it and use it wisely; focus on actually supplying needs; such as building community gardens, food banks, free dinners, energy skills bank for sharing labor, goods and services, clothing exchanges, etc.

Its very simple, and easy actually. We can, right now, begin sharing the world; each in our own unique creative way; by increments creating a world wide economic system of free giving and receiving, no money used.

As world leaders get this message we forgive all debt, wipe the slate clean, then make all necessities of life free to all people; holding all things common takes us rapidly beyond money. We will move from an economy of negative effects, to one of positive causes that serves all people.

This is real government of, by and for the people; that shall not perish from this earth, as we reach for the stars, and are embraced in return by real, eternal loving spirit, creating blessings in all things.

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Thank you for this practical channeling about community building in these times. I like the suggestions for creative service industries, unconditional service and forgiveness. – yis, Gabriel.

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