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Starmast Multimedia produces this online broadcasting and communications system as a creative facet of the One World Family Commune. Our primary purpose is communicating the channelings of The Everlasting Gospel to the world people through an expanding series of books, television shows, audio programs and documentary material — all of which are now delivered through the expanding channels of the Galactic Messenger Network.

The GMN includes a new built-in Media Center — delivering all of our media through an interactive interface. You may enjoy a visit to our complete Online Library, where the entire Starmast Publication Catalog is available to read, download, print and share. These services are all free of charge, a gift from the Universe to the World People.

Network Visitors

The GMN is also a growing Online Community — an unprecedented exciting new forum for sharing and discussion among communal members, friends, family and the world. Our network incorporates the latest tools and features available on the worldwide web. While static Pages function to deliver all core website content — dynamic group and member Posts are interactive and generally open for discussion. The Community Discussion feature at the bottom of such posts allows visitors to participate using a built-in Reply Form.

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Cross Platform Networking: Our network is now streamlined for mobile platforms and extending its reach on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. For more info, see Galactic Messenger Goes Mobile.

Editors, Authors & Contributors

When creating posts via the Dashboard, the Allow Comments option lets visitors comment and post questions, etc., and can be enabled or disabled for each post by the author. Enabling this feature effectively opens up a potential “forum” — so be prepared to look for replies and interact. Also, the Dashboard posting area allows you to select the category(s) you want your post displayed in.

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GMN Goes Mobile
• The Galactic Messenger Network has been re-engineered to detect and configure itself for whatever device you use to access the internet, from desktops to smartphones. It can even be downloaded as an app!

Experiment, explore, have fun!

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Community Discussion

  • Alex Whittier

I have been thinking about the nature of reality lately. It seems to me that what is real and meaningful cannot be of this world, because this world is constantly changing and fading away. So what is real and must be entirely spiritual, and what we are must be entirely a spiritual energy. I believe that we are love itself, extending itself infinitely in every direction. We have simply forgotten, because we choose to believe in our fears and not love.

  • Márcio dos Santos

Come to South America.

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