The Living Universe

CommentMay 6th, 2017 08:54

galaxyIn reality the whole Universe is conscious and alive, a vast civilization of souls. Life in Galactica is fully conscious in this eternal reality, filled beyond measure with Joy and unlimited God-Energy.

The Superconscious Love-Energy that IS the Godhead, is coming into being in the hearts and minds of all people; helping, loving and lifting all souls thru their old karmic recordings, which have possessed their minds – up til now, when consciousness rises out of time as it expands to embrace the stars, fulfilling our spiritual birthright.

This high cosmic Intelligence, in the process the world is going thru right now, automatically cleanses the world of, eventually, all things that are not connected to spiritual reality. This means a complete end to war and violence of any kind. Peace will fill our hearts and minds as we create a brand spanking new social and economic system that uses no money. No more being hostages of a false money system that has no truth in it, and preys on the people by trapping them in debt.

Regardless of our errors against natural law, Creation Universe forgives us all, moneychangers included. No one is left out who chooses their self to be a part of the new world. Who would turn down paradise when it stands right before them with an opening of total welcome?!

As we set up a free giving and receiving economy that serves all people, universal prosperity relieves the souls of committing crimes to live. Prisons will be abolished as true healing centers take their place. Poverty will disappear, and disease will follow.

All this and so much more comes with the Awakening of humanity into God’s real Kingdom, and a utopian space age paradise comes into being, erasing the past suffering on all levels. We the people, as united channels of spiritual Intelligence, will be a real, autonomous self-governing society, where no one has any control over another. This society will be communal in its very nature, and all people will participate in creating our basic needs, and share in the abundance produced.

The energy and consciousness of ETI – Extra Territorial Intelligence – is beaming out from the Great Central Sun directly to accomplish all these things. This great, radiantly electric spiritual PSI Force is picked up by 2 great spaceships hovering in the 4th dimension above both poles, and reflected into the planet’s energy field; which in turn vibrates in every atom, and in every soul, bringing us up out of the world’s darkness into the Light.

Tune in, light up and speak out. Speaking the truth that is one for all, all for one is in the emerging Synthesis; and the Synthesis Truth not only rebalances negated energies, it puts the consciousness into causation that brings the new world forth to bless us all. We are all blessed in eternity.

Galactic space beings have the higher technology, once human consciousness is awake and enlightened, contact has been made directly thru TV and in the skies, and war is no more, to help humanity in unlimited ways: energy systems that draw directly from the electromagnetic field; spaceships for all transportation needs; abundant fresh seed to restore the planet and meet all agricultural needs of feeding the world wholesome, nutritious food; radiant energy medicine that can heal all disease, the bodies themselves, vehicle of our soul, will become eternal, for the soul to work out all karma in one lifetime, thence to return to Galactica, and life in an eternal body.

All this comes with God’s presence, in our heart, mind and soul, and in the world, which brings absolute freedom, security and abundance to all people.

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